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At 18:35 on July 19, 2009, Donna said…
Hi A, thanks so much for coming to my garden visit - as always you were inspiring and informative. Hope to catch up with you again soon.
At 9:16 on July 7, 2009, Florence said…
Hi Anthony, Albert and I are really interested in setting up aquaponics in our backyard in the future and we're doing some research. We came across this website ( and found that you were involved in a related lecture last year. Do you know whether there's any similar event happening this year for the public?
At 19:21 on June 28, 2009, Florence said…
Hi Anthony, Good to meet you in person today, and thanks for the Zuchinni ~~
At 10:21 on June 27, 2009, christopher zane hart said…
thats ok not many people get my humour .
At 11:46 on February 7, 2009, christopher zane hart said…
Great to have you coming .Looking forward to meeting you all.
At 14:33 on February 6, 2009, Donna said…
Hi Anthony, if you decide to go to Christopher's garden visit can you please bring me some bugs, 2 or 5L should do it - let me know the price.
At 16:28 on February 4, 2009, christopher zane hart said…
Hi Anthony , just a reminder that the GARDEN VISITS are starting at the end of the month (22ND) . Everyone is welcome.
At 10:54 on January 14, 2009, christopher zane hart said…
Hi Anthony , have you seen the discussion on garden visits ? . Would you be interested ? .
At 10:25 on November 3, 2008, Scarlett said…
hello Mr Foo
hey - i just put a good article up called back to the land - describes well where I'm coming from on the vertical farms thing
plus there's always all the asphalt when people stop driving everywhere all the time
At 13:02 on September 30, 2008, Donna said…
I have created 'Brisbane Seed Savers', anyone is welcome to join and the Membership form is on the forum (and on a blog on my page) for people to complete. Julia didn't end up ringing me back, so if you could pass this information on to her (and anyone else that you think might be interested) that would be great.
At 7:56 on September 15, 2008, Donna said…
Hi Anthony, can you please give me a quote for some more bugs. Can I make it up and leave it for awhile - eg put some in a drum or bin and make it up and use it over the next month? How long will it remain effective if I do this - 3mths?

Also, the fertiliser I got from you can I make it up in water and add as a liquid or is it best to just sprinkle it over before watering?

As usual I have heaps of questions! Hope you aren't working too hard, haven't seen much from you lately. Take Care :)
At 19:37 on July 22, 2008, Donna said…
Hi Anthony, thanks for the 'apple juice'! You will have to refer me to the correct place (unless it is you!) to buy this wonderful bugs from as my poor garden seems to need it more than most and at the rate I am using it - to avoid using yukky pesticides - I will need more before the year is out.

In case you didn't get a chance to look around, we are up to 5 1/2 veggie gardens and well over 20 fruit trees. Hopefully we stay here for a good long time and get a chance to realise the investment in both time and money we have made.

I have just ordered some jaboticas, an almond and blueberries which hopefully will round off my already full little block!

Thanks again for the effort of coming and giving me so much very helpful advice on my plants, you are one in a million and I know are very much appreciated by not just me but many others on this site (and probably many others).
At 10:51 on July 17, 2008, Donna said…
I left a note for Scarlett telling her what an idiot I was and asked if she could delete it, but I will try and just use my original main one as it has all the other stuff on it.
At 10:04 on June 30, 2008, Scarlett said…
website link from green futures event doesn't seem to work
At 9:40 on May 22, 2008, Scarlett said…
Reunion this sunday. Very hard to work out what to wear :)
At 9:35 on May 22, 2008, Scarlett said…
Hey, the more the merrier I reckon - I see everything as working together and self-organising chaos. I think all of these sites support each other through increased traffic and sign-posting. People will go where they're interested, the easier that is for them the better.
Am thrilled to see you putting groups and alternate sites up - good on you!
At 15:35 on May 15, 2008, Emma Rose said…
Hi Anthony, looks like this will be a great site to keep in the loop. Great photos!
At 12:05 on May 15, 2008, Scarlett said…
Also, if you upload photos to your profile page they will be displayed on the main page - especially if you put them in an album (i think).
At 12:04 on May 15, 2008, Scarlett said…
Hello Anthony
I've created a section in the discussion forum called Websites to visit - might be good to put your sites up there too?
At 0:21 on May 14, 2008, Anthony Foo said…
Hi every one, two sites for you to check out, there are some awsome ideas perculating at the moment...I think you will all get a kick out of some of the stuff going on.

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