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Hi Everyone,

Winter is here but we wouldn't know it.  25 degree days are lovely but not seasonal.  Thankfully the gardens are still pumping out produce.   Eggplants, zucchini, Broccoli shoots and the first of the peas.

I also have capsicums still pumping on.  This is the first of Dianne's perennial caps ripened up.  I also have lots of other capsicums from the old plants that I chopped back and loads of chilli's still. 

Those little round zucchini's just keep putting out new ones.  I think they are very cute.

The potato's have really come up quickly.  I think I only planted them two or three weeks ago. 

I have been thinking about creating a tea garden for ages and I was at the nursery the other day and they had a floriana tea pack.  Chamomile, Lemon balm, peppermint and pineapple sage -> it really does smell like pineapple.  Can't wait until these mature.  The self seeded watercress is going nuts again since I moved it back into self watering pot.

Finally got the Loquat in the ground and the peanut butter tree is going in tomorrow. 

I might also have my first chocolate pudding fruits.  Fingers crossed that these stay on :)

Native raspberries are going great.  Might get them in two pots next year so I get enough in one hit for a decent feed.

I'm finally seeing some autumn colours in my garden.  My pomegranate and peach have started losing leaves and my grapes are turning yellow.

Holidays are nearly here and I can't wait.  I don't want to plan too much as I need a break these hols but I want to achieve at least one thing,  I've wanted rhubarb crowns ever since I had a visit to Mt Tambourine.  I found one the other day at Bunnings (giant victorian) and I've got two on order from Daleys.  So I need to build a garden bed around the base of my peach tree and plant these guys in it.

Finally, I'll leave you with some pretty flowers.  My Camellia finally flowered and it is so pretty and my little snappies have come out.

Well, I'll leave it there folks.  Happy gardening.

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Comment by Dianne Caswell on June 20, 2016 at 20:26

Susan the Pineapple Sage can grow quite big, so give it room. The Chamomile needs a good Sunny spot.

Comment by Susan on June 20, 2016 at 20:20

Thanks Dianne, I'm glad you enjoyed them.  I'm going a bit banana nuts at the moment.  Gave 20 away to my next door neighbour and still had all of these to deal with -> 36 banana choc chip muffins, a batch of dried and lots frozen. I've still got about 30 - 40 left on the tree.   This weekend, I'm turning most into banana spring rolls.  Thanks James, glad to see you found a basket.   Phil - I think I'll leave the two water lovers in here, move the pineapple sage into a garden bed with my other salvia's and find somewhere for the chamomile.  Hey Elaine, well, you never know if you never grow.  I'll give it a go and we'll see.  I've got a spot planned for it where it will get summer shade and I plan to keep it well watered. 

Comment by Dianne Caswell on June 19, 2016 at 15:52

I meant to tell you Susan, your Bananas I was lucky enough to get at the GV last week are Absolutely Beautiful, clever girl.

Comment by Dianne Caswell on June 19, 2016 at 13:56

Susan, your garden is looking absolutely beautiful and bountiful, you are an inspiration to anyone with a young family (and anyone else in fact). You can certainly show them what can be done even when both spouses work and have children. Happy Gardening..... 

Comment by James Rosenlund on June 19, 2016 at 11:53

Very! impressive Susan, the recent rains are so welcomed, and your garden is set to be even better, " If That's Possible ". I finally got my hands on a strong cane basket, in a local Asian produce store for 13 dollars, dropped to half price.

Comment by Phil on June 19, 2016 at 9:59

Looking good Susan. With the unusual winter rain and higher temperatures I think everybody's garden is doing well with the exception of the cooler temp loving crops. I grow both lemon balm and peppermint and would recommend you don't plant them in the same container due to their invasive nature (especially peppermint). Also, the sage has different watering needs as it doesn't like as much water (I killed mine that way) but saying all this if you are careful and tend the bed you shouldn't have much trouble.

Comment by Lissa on June 19, 2016 at 5:34

Looking good Susan :)

I'll have to give watercress a go in that other wicking bin that I converted (ie poked a hole in the side). Looking at yours I think they might do well in there.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on June 18, 2016 at 21:46

Great produce Susan! The fat yellow Zucchs are Rondo de Niece.

Rhubarb is stretching its favoured growing temperatures down here. That's why it does so well on Tamborine: nice a cool.

It takes a lot of sweetening for most people's taste. I heard that stewing it gently with honey meant it took less to sweeten it. I've not tried that.

Comment by Susan on June 18, 2016 at 21:21

Hi Cathie, I don't know what variety they are as  they were part of a 4 pack from bunnings by florianna.  I would def get them again.  If you do buy them, don't bother with the fat light green ones.  Their vine takes over everything but  I've only had one fruit set.  It is coming out tomorrow so my yellow ones have a bit more space to spread out.

Comment by Cathie MacLean on June 18, 2016 at 21:08
Your produce looks amazing, Susan. Those yellow zucchini are cute - what variety are they and do they taste the same as regular long green ones?

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