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Thought I would share what ive got going on at my place. I have trees spread out a bit in different areas and half my trees are 2 -3 years old. The rest have been added incrementaly over those years. Ill grab some photos on the weekend when i'm home in the daylight.

On the top side of my drive i have a wampie , 2 longans, 2 lychees, 2 soursops, a hicks mulberry, a white mulberry, a kp mango, 3 avocados lambhass,sirprize and pinkerton ( recently planted) a couple of large leaf jaboticabas and small leaf, 4 gruminchinas (2 black 2 orange) dragonfruit 2 passionfruit vines black genoa and prolific figs 3 young berries and 2 loganberries and a few moringas along with lilly pilly that was here originally.

On the other side of my drive is a strip about 600mm wide that runs for about 10metres. Here we have parsley,thyme,oragano,chives,rosemary society garlic, aloe, sage,lemongrass ,mint,okinawa spinach and mushroom plant and a lovely hibiscus.

On our front boundary between house and road, and pool and road. I have 3 yellow jaboticaba, 3 more large leaf and 4 more small leaf jabos, 3 black sapote, 2 braz cherry, 5 cherry guavas, a jackfruit, cannistel, ice cream bean,fejoa,olive,tahitian lime, kaffir lime,valencia orange, imperial mandarin,meyer lemon, 2 peanut butter fruit,abiu,sapodilla, cavendish and pisang ceylon bananas, 4 dwarf coconuts (2 gold 1 bronze 1 green) and a gruminchina and 5metre high lemon myrtle.
Between the lawn and my work shed we have some huge bamboo (java black and buddah) another gruminchina a white and pink guava a loquat and tamarind.
Behind the granny flat is a 4metre panama berry that was planted in december as a tiny 150mm plant. 3 red papaws, 2 achachas , a dwarf red mulberry, miricle fruit and acerola cherry and a few more moringas down near my shed. Off the granny flat are some posts with muscadine grapes growing up them which will be a pergola next year as they reach the top.
In tubs i have water celery and kang kong.
In pots i have dwarf blood orange and ruby red grapefruit.

Wow it seems like a lot when i write it all down.

I will be planting chilacayote, warrigal greens, luffa, winged beans,pidgen pea and welsh bunching onoins.
Further down the track i would like to dig a large pond to grow water veges and for Rachel and myself to do yoga and taichi next to.

My 4 ducks are khaki cambells and 2 started laying a couple of weeks ago. 2 of them still a bit young, but we had 9 last week so a good start.
My chooks , have 2 brown and 2 blue leghorns, 2 australorps and 2 rhode island reds. Only one australorp is laying 5 a week, the rest still not old enough yet.
My last animal is a big greatdane cross mastiff,staghound that is my gardening helper, can dig me hole in no time.

Well thats about it i'll get some photos on the weekend.

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Comment by Doug Hanning on June 17, 2017 at 11:17
Hi Lissa,
The lychees have grown 2 to 3 times as muxh as the longans. The lychees have grown into a nice dome shape naturally whereas the longans keep shooting a couple of strong stems and the other growth on them slows down. I have pruned these a lot to try to make them bushy. I have got heaps more lychees than longans but for the size of the longans i had a lot of fruit. I prefer the taste of the lychees which are almost splitting frim the amount of juice but the longans ripened a month later so get to enjoy this type of fruit for longer.The more longans I eat the more I like them and there musky taste. My longans are koholas and my lychees were a kiamana and a kwai may pink . Both are delicious and were so muchbetter than ones ive bought from supermarkets.
Comment by Lissa on June 17, 2017 at 7:34

Wonderful array of plants Doug :)

How do you find the Longans vs Lychees? Is one outperforming the other with growth and fruit production?

Comment by Doug Hanning on June 16, 2017 at 20:36

Thanks Andrew, realised this has to be done on my laptop not my tablet which is android.

Here goes 

some berries and figs

further down mulberry tree collards lychee longans etc

top of drive entrance

herb strip

From patio up to drive on front fence

looking down along front fence

looking up past pool and citrus and dwarf cocos

1/2 way up at larger gruminchima and olive

compost corner with banana and peanutbutter tree and other small stuff

toward the bottom of block where my shed and extra drive comes in for work vehicles bamboo grumi guavas loquat and tamarind, moringa behind shed

behind granny flat at back fence pawpaws achacha panama berry all 6 months old they have grown fast

from backyard up to duck and chook pens and granny flat.

Thats about it. Hope this inspires someone to get planting just as i've been inspired by reading other peoples stories.


Comment by Andrew Cumberland on June 16, 2017 at 18:44

When you reply, there will be a bunch of icons above where you are currently typing.  The second one lets you attach an image.  You can keep using it in the same reply until you are done.   

Comment by Doug Hanning on June 16, 2017 at 15:28
Thanks for the kind words.
Susan im on 2100 square metres and i have had 30 or so fruits from the grumichina. They are sort of a cross between a plum and cherry, thats what they taste like to me anyhow. Most of the fruit are of my biggest tree about 2m tall. They need lots of water to flower and fruit.
Roger to be honest at first i was just winging it. I have a rich sandy loam soil here with some clay and sandstone down a metre or so. Everything seems to grow well. Only killed a few trees ,blueberries, one avocado and a mamey sapote from lack of water in our last long hot summer.
I have printed out now what i need to do for each tree. For example this year i only got a couple of kilos of lychees and lost three or four kilos to macadamia nut borer, so now i know to net the tree early on, so I am learning as I go. And yes i have sub trop fruit growers as one of the places i get info.
Christa when I bought this block i cut down a lot of silky oaks and palms and a huge gumtree. There was a couple of lillypillys a couple of hibiscus a lemon myrtle frangapani, a gum nut tree?, but all the fruit trees ive planted.
Ive had buckets of mulberries.., a dozen mangos, 5 choc fruit,heaps of cherry guavas and braz cherries, a couple dozen peanut butter fruit,lychees and longans, oranges and mandarins, and figs all from the beginning of summer till now.
I know some of my treea will take years to get to fryiting stage but i had to landscape this place so may as well plant fruit trees.

Is there some way of adding photos to this or do i just put some up in the photo section.
Comment by Sophie on June 16, 2017 at 15:12

Reads like a Daley's catalogue, well done! 

Comment by Christa on June 16, 2017 at 11:31

That is a good size food forest there Doug, and on about 2100 sqm of ground.  When they all fruit and start giving back, you will have enough food to keep a few people going. Did you plant the ones growing in the ground, it is always special to see their different stages of growth. 

Great to have you with us.

Comment by CHERYL SLAPP on June 16, 2017 at 8:43

WOW what an impressive range of trees and edibles, are you on acreage - looking forward to seeing your photos

Comment by Roger Clark on June 16, 2017 at 8:00

You have a lot of trees planted. I guess you must have fitted in a watering system to keep them all happy. How many are producing fruit for you? It must be difficult to know what fertilisation / water / growing conditions these trees prefer e.g. PH / pruning / drainage for starters. Do you also belong to the subtropical fruit growers org? If you don't they have a very good website with lots of tree info on it.

Comment by Dave Riley on June 16, 2017 at 1:10

So many trees...!

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