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Week 2 update:

The radish I put in the week before are sprouting like crazy, and these are from seeds I have in storage from 2 years ago. I put in about 3 seeds per hole and I am getting 3 seeding every spot... all of the seeds must have sprouted (very surprise about that).. :bounce:

I know radish don't like to have their root disturb, but I think 3 per spot will be overcrowding.. so I thin them out today.. but (as a newbie) I don't want to waste the one I pull out (gently with the root) so I replant them :wink: my thought are.. If they die.. at least I still have the original plant... but if they live, I got 3 time the plant :woot:

Today.. I put in 2 rows of choi sum and one row of edible chrysanthemum (excellent for winter hot pot).. I think I am running out of space very soon..

I have also notice, there are chili seedling sprouting from the base of the chili plant.. I think the seed must have fall off the chili (half eaten by chook) and the condition is good enough for it to grow... very happy about that..

The Zucchini is growing like crazy at the moment, due to the lack of space.. I can't let it spread on the ground so I am planning to stake them.. any one with advise on the best way to do it??

When looking at the worm farm today.. I found some interesting crawly in there.. not sure what they are.. is it alright to let them grow alongside my worms or are they freeloader that I should remove... btw.. I offer these to the chooks and they LOVEd it.. maybe I should let them grow as chook food..

oh.. I have also bought a new tarp for the chook.. to made sure their 'home' is more protected against the winter cold... hope this is enough for QLD mild winter :wink:

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Comment by Elaine de Saxe on May 29, 2010 at 23:11
And keep your eyes open for more of those larvae - in the hot months the females lay little yellow eggs with gay abandon. If you're not vigilant, the compost fly larvae can take over a worm bin just by sheer weight of numbers. They attach the eggs to the tiny holes in the ventilation screen of the lid on worm bins.
Comment by Joanne Chung on May 29, 2010 at 22:20
yup.. you describe the crawly just right.. in that case, I better go and clean it up tomorrow..
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on May 29, 2010 at 21:49
Are those crawly things sort of rubbery and a kind of grey, fatter at one end than the other? If so, they are the larvae of the compost fly. They are a pest in that they make the worm bedding muddy and over-wet. If the chooks like them, that's a cheap form of protein for the chooks.

Zucchini don't like to climb much but can be persuaded by staking and tying but they do spread wide.

Pull out the extra radish seedlings and enjoy radish sprouts!

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