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Growing local

Subtropical edible shade garden down the south-east side of the house

Bananas, pawpaws, turmeric, ginger, galangal, coffee, passionfruit. My baby taro died - need to try again.

Big tall ladyfingers- the others are all dwarf bananas

Growing potatoes

New potato trench under the clothesline

Potato trench in the driveway

The happiest spuds were untrenched by the chickens and have sprouted fastest

Various views

Extending the garden with new beds and a pond - checking it out before we commit

Up the driveway - gotu kola as ground cover, sweet potatoes, potatoes


Vegie garden

Spring onions, bunching onions, leeks, garlic, bok choy, rocket.

You can see the heavy shade nearest the fence.

What's growing at the moment

Fennel, cauliflower, an old leek - but not chinese greens yet, am waiting for the Dipel to kick in.

Peppers, a new tomato, broccoli and bush beans.

Carrots, beetroot, broad beans, not sure what that little jagged one is.

The sugar peas and peas are going well.

Sneaky chickens

Grrr. These were looking great this morning. I can't forget they're out for even 2 minutes. They HEAR me forget, I'm sure of it.

No respect for the seasons

These sunflowers sprouted in my tree holes - don't they know it's July?

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Comment by Scarlett on July 18, 2009 at 16:12
he's actually next doors' cat. he's adopted us, which is purrfect because we get to love him and he sleeps with us but we don't feed him!
Comment by Scarlett on July 18, 2009 at 16:11
you're welcome - i think your garden looks great too. that southern side is really very good - it gets midday sun for an hour or two and that seems to be enough. i run the grey water from the washing machine down it if it's dry, everything likes that too, it's on a good slope so it works well - otherwise it's a watering free zone

i got the pond from bunnings - it was my birthday present, cost $170 (ouch!). i'm thinking i'll get some trugs (you know those big buckets you get from howards storage world?) to put in the pond for the waterchestnuts - no reason you couldn't use them without the pond. there are also half wine barrels at our hardware store which are calling my name

an old bath or laundry tub is great if you can get them - they can make great worm farms too. take a trailer to the tip? can you get scrounged stuff at our tips? i never go, wouldn't know
Comment by Vanessa Collier on July 18, 2009 at 10:40
Haha, I see you cat likes to get in all the photos too : ) Where did you get your tub for the pond? I'm needing to get one for the waterchestnuts - I didn't realise just how much room they need.
Comment by Addy on July 17, 2009 at 17:40
Wow, such a productive garden! You've inspired me to consider growing a "subtropical edible shade garden" down the southern side of the house... thanks for sharing!

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