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Well things certainly are a happening at my place.  

The first of the peaches have been harvested and bottled.  

I have a zucchini glut at the moment.  The tromboncino is growing great along the fence and I'm picking between 2-3 a day!


I've been listening to Roots and Refuge podcast from America and one of her podcasts was about making the most of what you have and reduce your cost outputs.   For me at the moment, that is Zucchini and eggs.  Quiche is on the menu once per week at the moment, plenty of egg and lettuce sandwiches for school lunches, zucchini chocolate cake are just a few ways I'm trying to use them.  But with the heat coming, I was looking for a salad and came across Zucchini ribbons with mint and lemon dressing.   Absolutely delicious.

I haven't had much success in recent years with growing watermelon and rockmelons.  I think that's changed!  I have had 5 set already.  I took this about a week ago and now it is twice this size. 

I'm also on the verge of a cucumber glut again.  Can't wait as I love cucumber in summer. 

I ended up taking out the cucamelons out of the wicking bed.  I think they may need full sun to produce a lot of fruit.  The one in the shaded bed had heaps of water and heaps of growth but not a lot of fruit.  The one in the ground didn't have as much growth but was covered in fruit all the time. 

Lastly, I'll just show you this little beauty.  I bought this mini lilies for my daughters fishpond back in march.  They sent up about 2 leaves and then appeared to die.  I thought I'd killed them but as soon as it started to heat up, they put out more leaves and now LOOK! my first flower!!

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on November 17, 2018 at 21:06

I also do a zucchini slice and a light zucchini summer pasta.  You can replace mince with blended zucchini in pasta type sauces as well.  I was happy with my peach crop but yours is probably ten times mine!

Comment by Susan on November 17, 2018 at 19:02

Hey Christa, not too deep - maybe 45cm?  That’s why I had to get miniature Lillie’s - they’re bred for small ponds.  You don’t see the fails lol.  Dave, have you ever done something called “bread and butter” pickles? If so would you recommend? How are your peaches/plums going Dianne?

Comment by Christa on November 17, 2018 at 18:00

You are an amazing gardener, Susan.   Love the peaches, such a lovely colour, and the zucchini ribbon salad, another one to add to the Xmas dinner recipes.   The water lillies are beautiful, is that a deep tub? Do you have fish in it?  

Wish I could grow veggies like you, we are a bit envious but happy for you.

Comment by Dave Riley on November 17, 2018 at 16:29

I find that with tromboncino  as well as with Bottle Gourd cutting back the vine doesn't harm its keeness to survive.It will reduce production and that can be a good thing. It saves on space too.

While I like my Troms as much as the next Italian -- I do prefer the Bottle Gourd to cook with.  The added advantage with the Bottle Gourd -- aka Cucuzzi and its many other names -- is that it keeps  much better than Zukes. Not as well as pumpkins-- but even when the skin is still soft and the length isn't overly long.

There's a popular Italian song, 'My Cucuzza'-- which celebrates the vegetable:


My Cucuzza
Cucuzza bella
She's my pizza pie with lotsa mozzarella
With Cucuzza
I wanta be
'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me
Cucuzza grows in Italy
They love it on the farm
It's something like zucchini
Flavoured with Italian charm
I call my girl Cucuzza
'cause she's sweet as she can be
She loves to hear me say
"Cucuzza please babotcha me"

My Cucuzza
Cucuzza bella
She's my pizza pie with lotsa mozzarella
With Cucuzza
I wanta be
'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me

Now you can have your pasta
And your chicken cacciatore
I'd rather have Cucuzza
'cause for me it means amore
So when the moon is shining bright
On dear old Napoli
I dream of my Cucuzza
She's the only dish for me

My Cucuzza
Cucuzza Keely
She's my pizza pie with lotsa mozzarella
With Cucuzza
I wanta be
'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me

I'm going back to Napoli
And make Cucuzza mine
So I can have Cucuzza
Sweet Cucuzza all the time
Oh mama mia my love and I
How happy we will be
To raise some more Cucuzzas
Who will look like her and me

My Cucuzza
Yeah Cucuzza bella
She's my pizza pie with lotsa mozzarella
With Cucuzza
I wanta be
'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me

'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me

As for too much of the cucumbery -- that's why Tzatziki was invented, which we have eaten thrice in the last week.

However, in my food hierarchy, cucumber kimchi is at the right hand of the cabbage variety  god. Not the Korean 'stuffed' variety so much as the method I use for kimchi anyway.Sweeter than the cabbage type  I think.

Truly delicious.

Mine did not last long after the last season's  cucumber harvest. So I'm waiting on a cucumber glut.

Comment by Dianne Caswell on November 17, 2018 at 13:31

The garden is looking fabulous, some much Fruit and Vegies, and those Peaches well I am so Jealous. You are always an inspiration Susan, Thanks for Sharing..

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