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So I couldn't resist another short post before I get on the plane today at 2pm.

Just some links to satisfy the thirst (I never thought I would get 14 views in one day!)

The Competition

An invitation only (but only after many competitions before) for the best bakers in the world. Everything you need to know is on the website. The competition is held as part of Europain, a trade fair for bakers, patisseries,  sugar art and ice cream (but I am not coming home fatter!)

The Training

Brett has been offered a facility (and a huge amount of assistance in so many ways it is almost immeasurable) by Puratos in Belgium. This is where Brett (and I ) will acclimatise and train for 5 weeks before going to Paris for the competition.

The Challenge

Well, in short, Brett has 8 hours to bake 6 different styles of bread - some prescribed, some his choice, and one drawn from a hat the day before. Add to the mix different flours from Europe (all with different proteins, different behaviors etc), different climate, you get the picture.... there are so many variables, I witnessed first hand in Newcastle last week what one little difference can make.

He has to do all this in 8 hours, with two hours the day before to do all his preferment and whatever else he can squeeze in, all in front of an International Jury. Sourdough..... Baguettes, Pan de mei, Nutritional Bread, Freestyle Bread, Country Loaf (with some Bundy Rum - and no they wouldn't give us any sponsorship!) and the bread from the hat - all with loaves and at least 30 rolls - that makes a lot of bread in 8 hours!

So - last things to clean some of the house for my lovely wife - add some extra ingredients into my luggage (yes - they cannot get some of our ingredients he needs in Europe - go figure!) and a coffee and croissant from Uncle Bob's Bakery, and it all ramps up!!

Competition runs from March 8 - 12.

See Brett (and some of me) on Seven News on Saturday (6pm - 7pm) and Sunday Sunrise on Sunday morning.... or keep an eye out on my blog for updates and some photos (assuming I have any time to do them..... I am sure I will....)

Good Baking to all!!

Courier Mail Article

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Comment by Valerie on January 31, 2014 at 22:59

Belgium is a great country for food and bread...Not that I am biased ;-) Be sure to taste all the "couques" and matons and boule de berlin but the best for me is Craquelin. I am so jaleous! Only a few more weeks and I am on the plane home. 

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