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A feature I love about my outback is the system of aerials and ladders that support climbers of any type I plant.

In true polycultural bent I can run a climber UP almost anywhere and mix it with other plants at its base.

When finished with, climber stems and leaves make for good mulch, but always trim them for obedience.

As I have noted in earlier posts, I now attach the lattice to the bamboo pole with cheap clamps -- and while metal lattice works best as you can bend it to accommodate any climbing twirl,  it stores and tangles inconveniently when not in use so I prefer the ubiquitous plastic grill with occasional slits in the squares to enable better fixation.

This setup can survive gale force winds, whereas an erected single trellis wall will be prone to falling down as it won't wave & give  in the wind.

I learnt early that my sandy soil does not offer anchorage for permanent structures.

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Comment by Dave Riley on April 19, 2019 at 8:38

I should add that the poles are not embedded in the ground -- they simply rest on the surface. So they do indeed wave in a high wind. there is a lot of 'give' in the rigging.

This means that the bamboo poles last longer as they are less prone to rotting.

Comment by Dave Riley on April 18, 2019 at 17:42

Once they're 'up' then it is up to the aerials to take over. That's the trick. If any aerial line sags (too much), you simply prop it up.

Loofas aren't that heavy compared to Bottle Gourds and chokoes. Nonetheless, each ladder climb -- and each species -- is a new adventure.

Too heavy is pumpkins.

Too fiddly -- thus far -- are cucumbers. But I'm working on that.

You run two gardens: downstairs and a mezzanine.

Comment by Christa on April 18, 2019 at 17:35

Great to see individual plants in the photos.  Surprised to see the choko and loofa vine as I thought they might need a sturdy trellis.   It looks like rope from one high point to another with bamboo poles and attached trellis for each climber,  is all it needs to succeed. 

I tried this with some bean seeds you gave me once.  It would work better if I strung them up in the poinciana tree on the sunny side of the tree.  Soon as winter comes along it will allow more sunlight in.

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