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Ten Days to Sprinter...then comes Sprummer

Before you know it, the season changes...or, at least, begins to.

There is a yearning for warmth by bird and plant alike.

Since it has been cold, it must be the day length that heralds the change.

Forget all this European fascination with Spring.Here we truly have a hybrid: Sprinter.

As a rule of thumb Sprinter begins its business around August 1st -- give or take.

What with the southern march of climate change protocols as the warmth notches up the latitudes, the schedule is sure to be flexible.

Go out back and look.

The greening is greening.

And so it goes.


I've run out of planting space. But you never know what you can fit in if you have a youngster to embed.

This year -- over the cooler months -- I keenly cut back at any excuse to let more light in and reduce the energy demand on the roots. The beans, zukes, et al responded well to my cutting.

In the mix I'm trying to control myself and engineer order.

To me, that means that I start concentrating on certain species because I prefer to eat them...and usually do.

So out comes the mindmap work sheet and Textra colour...

And Voila! I have a plan -- but one, I see, that does not mention corn nor cucumbers. 

Corn I can do. Cucumbers are still a maybe.

What I can grow is regrettably different from what I would like to.

But we grow in hope , don't we?

Of course, I've been fiddling with the template. I got my hands on many long palm logs from a neighbour and have laid them out north/south in the beds to demarcate the successive plantings of seeds.

Being nice and round I can roll them over as required or re-locate them as needed. That's' my thrill for the day. I'm 'logged in'.

This timber is too rotund to use as a pathway -- but over time, considering my experiments thus far, the wood rots down. En route they preserve moisture underneath.

I now wait for the Vetiver to embrace a Sprinter  flush.

At the school garden I've been harvesting it keenly for mulch as I slice through the maze we planted. I want it spread about the beds ASAP so I can stay ahead of the weeds. (And those with whom I work there do not have a mulch consciousness).  As you see, there's plenty of mulch to be had.

Come 'Sprinter' it will flush keenly and grow fast.

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on July 21, 2019 at 22:05

I'm desperate for the oncoming of Sprinter.  I care nought about temperature but I'm desperate for sunshine on my aquaponics grow bed.  It's coming oh so very slowly.  

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