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I’ve never blogged before. I figure it might be a good way to keep track of what I’m doing with my veggie beds each season, since I seem to be rubbish at keeping notes as I go. So, this might be a good time to start as my beds are going to have a rest while we are away for a month, then I’ll be starting from scratch again.

Bed #1:

This bed has grown everything at some point and I’m pretty sure it’s got nematodes. So, everything came out except the Asparagus, added lots of compost and planted some marigolds and soy beans. I think some nasturtiums have self-seeded, and there’s a few sunflowers struggling at the back.


After everything had come out I just topped up the layers with compost and manure then mulched with the lovely mushroom compost Jay gave me at her GV. I left some herbs, flowers and asparagus, popped in some sweet poato cuttings and tossed in a handful of French White Millet, will see if they’ve grown when I get back.

Bed #3

The Mung beans and French White Millet green manure crop doing well. I left in the asparagus, NZ Spinach (courtesy of Jacqui), marigolds and some herbs. Aparently asparagus is good for nemotodes (well, bad if you’re a nematode, good if you’re not) which is why it’s in three separate places. Not sure if that theory is correct, but luckily we love asparagus anyway!

Bed #4

I took out the cucumber yesterday but didn’t have time to plant anything in its place (hense the bare patch). The Mung beans or Soy beans (can't remember now) and French White Millet green manure are doing well. The other half of the bed is my comfrey. I figure I’ll just let it grow crazy as it might keep out some weeds. I might move it when I get back, didn’t realise it would get so big (despite regularly cutting it back to almost nothing).

Bed #5

Not really a bed, just a reclaimed bit of dirt really. I added lots of manure and left in some flowers, herbs and the sweet potato (courtesy of Donna) and Galangal (courtesy of Larissa). The Galangal has some new shoots, so am very excited that it survived. The sweet potato is doing splendidly. I often plant cuttings of herbs (or whatever I have) into the besser-block holes. Right now they are also home to a few toads, but we have an agreement – they hide when I’m near them and I pretend I don’t know they are there.

Galangal shoots:

So that’s it for now. Am looking forward to planting in a month when we get back, and hopefully the rain will continue to fall while I’m away, as the garden is now fending for itself!

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Comment by Lyn Buffett on December 9, 2010 at 21:37
The reoccuring asparagus made me think I was looking at the same garden bed from different angles!

Would love to hear if your strategy gets rid of the nematoads.

Love your toad arrangement too:)

Comment by Donna on December 8, 2010 at 12:44
Sounds great Tracy, I have found them useful... when I find time to do them ;)

Have you tied up your asparagus fronds? Mine are hanging every which way - very untidy :) Your comfrey looks awesome, they are loving this rain!

Hope you have a great time away and come back to a bountiful healthy garden - wishing you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Comment by Lissa on December 8, 2010 at 5:17
Love your toad agreement lol.
Garden looks great Tracey :D
Will have to check up that theory re the nematodes don't like Asparagus.

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