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Start of November - oops, I missed a month.

Hi guys, 

How is everyone's garden growing now that we are getting some lovely rain?  Mine is just looking glorious and is keeping me super busy.  I'm so excited at some firsts that are happening with the garden.  Namely the grapes!! Been in the ground 2 years and my carolina black from Daley's is just glorious.  I have about 6 bunches on the vine but this is the largest.  Check! IT! OUT!  I have a question for the grape growers amongst us.  I'm wanting to know if I need to net the grapes against fruit fly?  DPI says they are susceptable but they also say mangoes and pawpaws are which I have never had a problem with.  So my question is, are they like stone fruit which must be netted or you'll lose the lot or are they like mangoes and paw paw where theoretically they can be stung but the fruitfly are rarely a problem? Your help will be greatly appreciated. 

I have pomegranates forming very successfully.  This year, I am going to net each one to protect from fruit fly as last year I lost so many and it was heart breaking.  I had intended to net the whole tree but it got a little large for me and anyway, I have 40 bags from green harvest so I should have plenty.  

I have been trying to do my own sprouts again but I was finding that my sprouts were going "off" in the sprouts alive container system.  I had been looking online and saw sprouting Jars.  I found these lids to fit my mason jars and have now successfully sprouted about 8 batches (2-3 on the go each week).  No problems and the best part is they drain really quickly and the little "legs" keeps air circulating through.

I have also decided to do my own yoghurt as we go through so much in this house.  I bought 2 easy-yo containers second hand from gumtree, started with an easy-yo greek yoghurt pack (froze the other 1/2) and have now made 3 double batches (2 Litres each time with the 2 easy-yo's).  One Litre gets sweetened with 1 tablesspoon of sugar and tspn of vanilla for the kids to which they add frozen blueberries or home grown passionfruit and one litre stays plain for my use.   So far my culture is still good so haven't yet had to use the other 1/2 of the starter culture.  

I wanted to go back to growing yellow zucchini's simply cause I like the colour of them.  Unfortunately, my leaves all went stunted and I looked it up - Zucchini mosaic virus.  That's ok, I ripped them all out and fortunately, it doesnt hang around in the soil so I might be able to replant after a bit.  I still have my trombonccino's but was looking for a bit of variety.  I managed to harvest a couple of good yellow zuccini's but look at what happened to this poor fellow.  Still tasted alright though

Roger, my pumpkin drought may be over :)  I planted these seeds from a long skinny pumpkin bought from a guy at Jan Powers market.  I started them in winter and Look! I may just have my first fertilised baby.  They are of course, outside the yard in the back "council" garden.   I don't know how the farm ones are going as it has been a month since I was there last. 

I've started to do some in ground beds down the side of the house.  In winter, nothing grows cause it gets too much shade but that is not a problem going into summer.  Cucumbers are growing great. 

I was so surprised to see dragonfruit flowers starting today.  I swear they appeared overnight. 

How weird is this?  I had real trouble getting any sort of decent pea's this year but I had this one growing up into the tomatoes.  It hadn't flowered or anything and to be honest, the only reason it is still there is cause I couldn't be bothered ripping it out when I ripped out the rest.  Low and behold, I now have peas.  I'm going to let these go to seed as there is not enough to worry about eating but I may have found that one varient that will do well in my yard and cope with some extra heat too.  

We are still getting plenty of variety in the garden.  I harvested this the other night and made it into stirfried vegetables and pan fried salmon with lemon cream sauce. Delicious and pretty on the plate too.   I don't know how much longer my red silverbeet will hold out.  It is already looking a bit wilty in the garden bed.  I have started more in the back garden in a little bit of shade but it might not do well in summer.  Also, my purple beans look like they are suffering from mite/thrip damage again.  I've replanted those too but today I decided to get some snake beans and winged beans for summer greens.   By the way, that leek is a multiplier leek.  They do so well in my garden and are so prolific.  I have a whole bunch of baby ones for the next garden visit if anyone is interested. 

The taste of summer is almost upon us.  The mangoes and lychees have set nicely.  Now I've just got to net the lychees this year before the bloody bats steal the lot like they did last year.  I forgot to take photo's of the nectarine harvest I did the other day.  Peaches are still about another 2 weeks away.  Fruit supply is good at the moment in the house.  We are harvesting 2 punnets of strawberries and 1 punnet of blueberries per week.  I've got the nectarines starting.  And we are going through the 1st of the 4 bunches of bananan's that all sent out flower spikes within 6 weeks of each other.  Buying only apples and watermelons at the moment -> only cause my kids are apple fiends.   I have got a whole bunch of melons planted on the farm so I hope they are doing well. 

I've also got 2 baby pineapples started.  Yum!  

While the bats stripped my black mulberries bare, they have so far left the white shahtoot alone.  I'm getting a handful of delicious berries every day at the moment. 

Some things in the vegie patch that will be starting soon are my eggplants and corn.  I am not to far away from the corn harvest and my first baby eggplant I spied this morning.  Capsicums are slowly ripening about 1 per week.  And I've planted new tomatoes as my poor old ones are just about done.  

Lastly, I'll leave you with a shot of my hippeastrums which finally stopped sulking.

Happy gardening folks. 

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Comment by Roger Clark on November 3, 2019 at 18:24


This pumpkin is a variety that I have never seen before, and I've seen plenty of weird and wonderful types in seed brochures, etc. Now I'm wondering if this might be a result of cross pollination between a Trombochino and a true pumpkin like a Butternut. I guess it doesn't matter as long as it grows and is useful.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on November 2, 2019 at 19:43

The only problem my grapes have is rats.  Fruit fly don't seem to be an issue.  Your hippies are out in my yard as well!  

Comment by Christa on November 2, 2019 at 18:32

Your suburban farm is thriving. You must have had rain there.  We are still waiting for a good fall to put water in the tanks.  Your mulberries look great, we have birds coming in for a feed on ours. I don't mind sharing.  The season is good for mangoes this year.  Those hippies are spectacular out the front of your house.  When we had muscat grapes we didn't have a problem with fruit fly but they had thick skins, we used to spit the skins out. Keep up the good work gang.

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