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OK, big news here. I am no longer going to be a Brisbane local!

My family and I are moving to country Victoria - doing the big sea/tree change thing. We are both from Melbourne originally and our parents are getting older etc, so we figured we better do it. We'll be gone by the end of the year I think. We're selling our house, should put it on the market in the next week or so I hope.

So we've had to make it more normal friendly! Isn't that terrible? So now it has grass, and it looks like this:

Look at the fire pit bump in front of the garden bed at the back (just under and to right of the guava in the foreground)! Next to the terracotta tiles is an enriched garden bed area - heaps of compost and fertiliser - and the grass is heaps happier on the old fire pit!

We even grassed the sweet potato driveway :( The trampoline is on the yacon/ jerusalem artichoke/ bed :( It's all very SAD!!

We've still got the vegie garden in and it's coming along, but this may explain to you why I haven't been so busy on the vegie gardening front - we've been painting the house, putting on a new roof, planting grass, scrubbing walls, etc!!

Look how big the lemongrass sets grew!? They're a great grass barrier too (at least so far - but I have high hopes).

My pigeon pea died - got some sort of stem canker. Used to be where the pots are. Still got lots of little seedling ones to replace it though.

The chickens are driving me crazy in the garden - they are lettuce kryptonite, but I don't have the heart to keep them in their pen and there's no point building a fence. So we're only managing to harvest rocket, choy sum, spring onions, beans, dill, parsely and coriander at the moment. Remember I had a completely fallow garden for a while (under nematode treatment) and then I didn't plant it out until after the mid winter solstice!! At the moment I have carrot, beetroot and bok choy seedlings everywhere and have planted some zucchinis and tomatoes, although they will be for the next residents!

We've had a big bunch of lady finger bananas recently which was nice, and we're not keeping up with the pawpaws - the chooks end up eating them! Even though I do like pawpaw for breakfast...

We're really going to miss this garden. The avocado looks like it's about to flower for the first time, the lychees are flowering again (but we won't eat them!), the pecan hasn't flowered yet! We've been eating lemons and limes (the lime seems finally to be recovering from being so pot bound - the root pruning seems to have worked).

Down the side is still funky and the coffee beans are ripe - but I won't have time to process them! We cut back a bit of the macadamia and so there is a bit more light - should improve the turmeric etc..

My daughter found a crazy new bug and studied it for her science project (I think it's a mealy bug - but I'm not sure!). She won a prize in the science fair, she was so proud.

Now that spring has sprung all the butterflies are back in the yard - they really do come when you plant things they like. We've been eating the native raspberries from the front yard and the bush is spreading well, sending up lots of shoots.

I'm even going to have to leave my pot of aloe vera behind!

So, what does this mean for Brisbane Local Food? I don't know. I'm not going to shut the site down, but I guess I will become less and less relevant :(

I'll keep it going though. Seems like a good thing to do. Maybe I can start something like this up down south once we get settled.

I'll post you photos of my happy southern vegies! And you can make me green with envy with your soursops and lychees and pecans :)

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Comment by Vanessa Collier on October 5, 2010 at 12:24
Somehow I missed this blog. Sorry to see you go Scarlett. Thanks for all your input in starting up and maintaining the site. We'll defiinitely miss you. All the best for the big move and selling your current house.
Comment by Donna on October 4, 2010 at 8:34
Hmm Lissa I have the same problem, but haven't reached the end of the journey yet - maybe one day :)
Comment by Lissa on October 4, 2010 at 5:02
We moved so many times when I was married and never did the houses up until we put them on the market! We lived with no floor coverings, paint, light fittings etc until the rotten things went on the market and someone else reaped the benefit lol. Never again. I have a house now with all the normal accoutrements and don't plan on going anywhere!
Comment by Scarlett on October 3, 2010 at 19:11
yes, now that our house is finally all tsjuzed up (we painted it inside and out!) i might finally get some time to make it to the occasional garden visit/ event I hope!
Comment by Lissa on September 27, 2010 at 5:38
Hi Scarlett, we never met either :(
Thank you so much for starting the site, it's a doubt you'll do the same in Victoria? Then we can be "sister" sites. Think of your move being like plant roots, reaching out to different parts of the country and taking knowledge and nutrients as it goes and sharing with the parent plant.
Comment by Scarlett on September 16, 2010 at 20:51
I think we're headed Camperdown/ Warrnambool way - good western district soil and rainfall. That's the plan at this stage :)
Comment by Anthony Foo on September 15, 2010 at 21:34
SP...... so all things must change, winter ends, spring sprung and summer will see you and the Patricks gang drive into the sunset, I will miss your face popping up at events around town.
Let me know what area you are headed for and will pass on some relevant Biodynamic contacts for manuers and lovely stuff.........Sure I will see you before you are gonnnnnnneeeeee Doesn't seem that long ago that this little seed BLF was planted O my how it has grown : ( o
Comment by Scarlett on September 15, 2010 at 11:32
thanks everyone :)

yep, not being properly plugged into Brisbane through/ for BLF will be the hardest thing about leaving I think!
but yes, there's always cherries! I planted your longan Florence, I wonder if the new tenants will get a surprise one day? ( they'll probably take everything out and plant Mock Orange and mondo grass - arg!!!)

things do grow in Victoria, for at least two months of the year....(sigh, heheh). but i had cherry tree once and it was magical. and i spent a lot of time in my grandma's apricot tree as a kid - we always had stewed apricots in the freezer, it was fantastic. nothing like a warm sunny apricot from the tree :)

am promising myself to get a full grey and black water system in the next place so I will have water on tap all the time! exciting :)

and the good thing about being virtual is you can do it from anywhere, so at least i'm not going to disappear
Comment by Tracy Arnold on September 14, 2010 at 9:10
Thanks for this site Scarlett! All the best in Victoria (do things even grow there!?.. kidding). Ditto above about helping maintain the site it if you need.
Comment by Florence on September 14, 2010 at 8:39
Oh yes ~ forgot you can grow cherries in Victoria!! All the best and please keep us posted of your new life ~
I don't grow lychees, but if you like longans too, I can send u a box of longans and you can send me a box of cherries :P

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