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Severe Thunderstorms recorded north of us and south of us in Deception Bay.

Started out being a brief update for Friday 22nd September 2017. Has grown into a mini-blog so I have transferred all the responses and deleted the original.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe yesterday

So far 2mm promise of double o/nite. Still rattling and banging. No hail fortunately.
Comment by Andrew Cumberland yesterday

I got 1 mm from that one but tonight I've done better.

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker yesterday

will post more photos later - so far 35ml rain in two storms and still raining - tanks are now 81% full ! thats 85% of 265,000 litres ! and to think this morning I spent hours watering with a watering can !!!!

Comment by Andrew Cumberland yesterday

I heard there'd been hail out your way Mary-Ann.  Great news about the water!

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker 16 hours ago

Elaine did you get any more rain ?

Comment by Elaine de Saxe 14 hours ago

Total of 5.5mm. Thankful for rain and no winds or hail.

Comment by Dave Riley 14 hours ago

265,000 litres! What are you doing, re-imagining Sydney Harbour?

That's a lot of water. You'd need serious storage.

That volume would last me 20 years.

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker 14 hours ago

sorry Dave I got it wrong its  Rhino HGT285     285,000 Litres      12550mm      2270mm

Comment by Dave Riley 10 hours ago

I am sooo envious!

How do you collect so much water in one storm?

Comment by Christa 10 hours ago

THIS would be the tank you would need and a dam good gutter system and a big roof area as well.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland 9 hours ago

I ended up with 10 mm.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe 7 hours ago

One mm of rain/dew over 1 square meter of catchment equals 1 litre of water. No idea how big the roof is here but at least half of it is included in the catchment. In a decent storm an empty 5000L tank can be overflowing in a short while. The amount of roof space equals catchment going begging is astounding. Every factory could be catching its own water at least for toilets. As indeed do Bunnings. Only public health concerns would stop the use of that water for drinking. As we don't drink ours with the industrial fallout, dust and bird crap which abounds here.

Comment by Dave Riley 4 hours ago

So here's a challenge:

How much water per square metre would a kitchen garden (in Brisbane) need to harvest to be reasonably sustainable over a 12 month period?

That then leads into the question of what should be the best --affordable -- tank size to sustain gardening endeavors?

Many soil located  variables of course ...

With my 3,000 litre tank and town water supplementation when it runs dry -- despite a small  5,000 litre swimming pool --  we're using 80-85 litres per day per person of town water over 12 months compared to the regional average of 168-200.

Of course we are NOT saving much money...that's the irony.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe 2 hours ago

Too many variables for this arithmetic-challenged old boiler to even guess at. Wicking beds don't use as much water anyway. In the several years I've had 6000L of water available, run out of it probably twice. We use about double town water to your household :-(

We won't be saving money with the infrastructure costs the way they are. We have a measure of water independence, that's really all. But it's been worth every penny; there's no more room to instal tanks anyway.

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Comment by Elaine de Saxe on January 10, 2018 at 11:06

For more info on how much rain falls where, go to Colin Austin's site. It is a *huge* site with posts going back years on many topics. Try the 'old library' for posts on 'Water'. There are so many to choose from but somewhere in the dross is gold and Colin's logic regarding water and Australia and our attitudes towards water: saving and using it. His big thing atm is gut biology but he addresses so many topics related to food, growing food, water, wicking beds among other systems. The site is well worth a few hours of anyone's time.

Comment by Rob Walter on January 10, 2018 at 8:35

As a back of the envelope calculation, think about how much rain we get in Brisbane and consider whether that's adequate to have a sustainable harvest. We get, on average, 1000mm of rainfall a year. So that's 1000 litres per square metre of garden.

Is that enough? My sense is yes. If you put a clear roof over your garden and had the ability to store and use all run off from it, I reckon you wouldn't need to import water, ever. There are some pretty "wasteful" rain events in Brisbane over summer that would adequately supply the dry spell in the middle of the year.

Comment by Dianne Caswell on September 24, 2017 at 18:54

As mentioned on Mary-Ann's Blog, still no rain. those of you that did get rain are all so very lucky 

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