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September already...!!!??

Got my first order from Daleys, I feel part of the club! Couldn't get over how carefully packed the plants were (sooooo much better than Garden Express) You can tell there is love in the company. Here I think is a Kaffir Lime, Florda Peach and Canistel :) so far have put in 65L wicking pots. Haven't decided on locations for planting but with heavy clay think might leave in pots... will see. 

Also sprouted some cucumbers to run up a trellis, watch this space

My sourdough breads are getting more adventurous - started putting in grains, nuts, fruits and spices with different flours too!

Did try my hand of goat's milk ricotta but I put some flavoured vinegar in to curdle at the start and no matter how much other vinegar I put in the *** milk would never curdle! Had to end up tipping the lot out! :(

While on the topic of not so successful adventures, my garlic so kindly gifted from Elaine sprouted 100% but doesn't seem to show any sign of bulb splitting/growing, despite leaves dying off. Put them in a too shady position. Lesson learnt. Am thinking of transplanting to another bed to see if ever it wasn't too late....?

Inspired by Rob I decided to separate out my perpetual spinach - the thing had really long root!! Pic above - the plant spanned almost the width of the outdoor table. Probably have waited a bit long to separate them and will see how they fair in a couple of weeks. So far the replants are a bit limp. Had to divide them though because overcrowding was started to make disease (See discolouring of bottom left plant on bottom left pic above? starting to look like brown silverbeet). Below - The bed immediately after the transplant

Also had my first broadbeans (shout out to Rob) YUM!!!! Can't wait for planted more next year! Success! 

Harvested the Nasturtium "capers" and have pickled them - will try in some 6 weeks or so :)

Yay! A Jap pumpkin, after having the vine stay over winter from last summer. Seems to be the only proper pumpkin though, lots of female flowers but no so many males... wondering if should remove this vine and sow new seeds. Plus Partner is complaining that it is taking over yard etc etc 

So proud! Not quite ready yet but this is the first "big" (i.e. not cherry) tomato I've ever been able to grow (hope I get it before the birds do). From memory it's a black russian? Got loads of green cherry toms coming on, can't wait!

This polystyrene wicking box business has been a massive success. I've been putting the tops of cut beetroot, silverbeet, celery etc directly into these with misc herbs and they are so lush! Combination of self watered and netting has made a big difference. Happy about this, getting ready for summer. 

I've also got my first pawpaw flowers on (YAAAAAAY!!!) and also madagascar beans. My neighbour "accidently" harvested the first lot green (some 1kg, sniff) thinking they were snowpeas. Luckily it is very prolific. Looking forward to some beanage soon.

And then my happy flower garden - some daffodils from last year, native violets, blue salvia, royal carpet alyssum and dianthus :) 

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Comment by Phil on October 2, 2016 at 11:01

Nice patch you have going there Sophie. Within no time you will have food in abundance.

I have the same problem with the perpetual spinach that you do. I was thinking the discolouration was caused by over watering but I'm not sure. Mines still in a pot (courtesy of Rob). One thing I'm pretty sure of is that the 'spinach' is definitely a type of silverbeet. Thus I'd think twice about eating too much of it raw.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on October 1, 2016 at 18:13

I'm thinking that ginger and turmeric grow so well in my yard, I'll just swap that for someone else's garlic Soph!

Comment by Sophie on October 1, 2016 at 8:12
Thanks Mary-Ann for your generosity :)
Bad luck Andrew, different source next yr?
Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 30, 2016 at 12:28

That's fantastic all around Sophie.  At least your garlic grew - mine did nothing. 

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker on September 30, 2016 at 10:45

oh where are you Sophie - am coming to Susans GV so will bring them then - we sowed ours a few weeks ago so if there are seedlings spare when i get back will pot a coupe up for you !!! if you are up our way anytime feel fee to pop in - spare bed is always made up ready - we are on a windy hill so would have to have a bit more stability to it but that really gives nme some good ideas - will look next time I am near an aldi for arches ! 

Comment by Sophie on September 30, 2016 at 9:29

Image result for cucumber trellis
I got the idea from this type of thing^. I've put them against a Climbing rose arch from Aldi - so yes, more sturdy. It's two of the pathway arches fixed together. The cucumbers are in Searles potting mix bags doubled over (with compost added). I just saw your bean one, cool idea. Re seeds, thank you Mary-Ann. Sadly no, Dayboro is a bit far for us that weekend but if you pass to a willing BLF regular, I could grab at the next GV at Susans? When's sowing time for the Tromb? Cheers 

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker on September 30, 2016 at 9:18

I too love your trellis and am trying to get a clearer picture so I can build one myself - much more stable than the bean one I posted! and looks great too ! 

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker on September 30, 2016 at 9:17

Sophie - are you coming to the combined GV on the 8th at our place? I have a couple of trombicino seeds available - actually sent to me by another member if yo are if not message me your addreass and when i get back from Perth will send them to you ! 

Comment by Sophie on September 30, 2016 at 8:27
I loved flowered surprised in the garden! For these styrofoam brocolli boxes, I filled the based with 2-3 inch of blue roadbase gravel (had some left over. For some I also stuffed some small plastic pots under to create more space for water - my lazy version of the holed pvc pipes) then covered with hessian then with potting mix/compost/organic extra then poked a hole either side around the point where the hessian was. As I've gone on, I haven't bothered with the pots nor the hessian or cloth, will have to see how it goes. So far I can't seem to spot a difference. It appears to be the extra drainage of the gravel and the mini reservoir that is making the difference. I only check on them every few days. Hence my interest in Rob's multiple wicking bed types experiment re aerobic/anaerobic etc
I got the idea for the cuc trellis from Pininterest - many an hour can go past looking at gardening ideas there! Thinking of doing similiar (but firmer) for new pumpkin vine. Keen to try this wonderous trombicino too if someone has some seeds to spare at next GV?
Comment by Cathie MacLean on September 30, 2016 at 6:57
Sophie, your garden is coming along beautifully. I love the cucumber trellis - what a terrific structure. I have planted mine into polystyrene self-watering boxes next to a wire trellis and I also use the same kind of boxes for salad greens. The broccoli boxes work a treat. I use the method Roman Spur developed (cutting the lid to fit inside the boxes and setting it down inside the box on top of pipe that goes down to the water - I use little plant pots rather than drilling into pvc though) Looks like you do something similar. These work brilliantly for me as I .. ahem.. sometimes miss a day checking out what needs water. I also put cuttings into them to shoot - it's funny to go out sometimes and find a little geranium flowering in the middle of the lettuce and spring onions!

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