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Seedlings are up; chickens are being ruthlessly excluded

Actually they were out for hours on Monday and they didn't go into the vegie garden at all. I'm crossing my fingers that they may have got the 'stay out of the vegie garden or you go straight back into your yard' message. At least for a minute.

Consequently, the latest lot of seedlings have germinated and are still in their places. You can see that they are quite happy to push their way through the thin scattering of sugar cane mulch that was on top of the vegie garden.

Once they are bigger I will cull them (for us and for the chickens) and potentially move them around to fill any gaps. I will also over-sow with more seeds in about 2-3 weeks.

Since I tested the pH in the garden and found to my horror that it is only 5.5, I have added dolomite and the pumpkins now appear to be setting. So there you go - plenty of food but the plants can't access it if the pH is wrong. I should have realised, but I didn't think the soil would go acid that fast (it's only a year old). It may be due to leaching from the heavy rain.

I have lots of turmeric and jerusalem artichokes - more still in the ground. Our macadamia is producing - it's so much fun to sit in the garden and eat nuts.

Oh and I realised why there were flies in our garden during the garden visit. I threw some blood and bone on the garden the day before - my apologies, I should have thought. Be assured though, it wasn't the chickens, we don't usually have flies in our garden.

cheers SJP

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Comment by Scarlett on May 18, 2009 at 20:15
yes, sorry, couldn't work out how to post the link, the site doesn't seem to be able to find its own URLs for photos. i've sent it to you using 'share' though - but yeah, sounds like you found it. some of the turmeric were only little, about thumb sized. i think the big ones are actually two summers old, because I didn't harvest last year, I wanted to give the plants a chance to establish. usually when you do this the tuber is consumed by the new growth, but it looks like these might be bigger because they've been in longer...? interesting.
Comment by Florence on May 17, 2009 at 19:14
Oh yeah, found the pic ~ The Jerusalem artichoke looks like ginger ~ and the Turmeric's much bigger then I thought, about the size of the paw paw ~
Comment by Scarlett on May 17, 2009 at 11:19
it's turmeric. we've been eating heaps of morroccan and asian dishes - yum! there's a photo of the jerusalem artichoke in one of the harvest photos (in my photos section recently) - it's just piled into the garbage bin lid (same shot the turmeric is in)
Comment by Florence on May 16, 2009 at 19:31
Looks like lots of veggies & pumpkins on their way ~ Is that turmeric or jerusalem artichokes in the picture? Looks yummy on the inside ~
Comment by Donna on May 7, 2009 at 8:45
Looking great Scarlett, good to know the seedlings can push through the mulch. I will be broadcasting seeds (mostly anyway!) from now on and use sugar cane mulch, although I will pull most of it off there will still be some left.
Glad the chooks seem to have gotten the message, I will cross my fingers for you!

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