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Todays 'super' shopping options for fresh food are really reducing our choices severely.
At a school I visited recently, children had found 4 different types of tomatoes at their supermarket. A poor show really, considering that the Eden seeds catalogue had 57 varieties on offer at that time.

We are given the choice in the shops, of fruit and veg. such as tomatoes that store and travel well. Not necessarily the ones that taste great or grow easily and organically in our climate. We love the taste of the fresh mushrooms from the box in the laundry, picked a minute or two before we eat them. As kids, we would go mushrooming with dad and managed to find bucketfuls of fresh ones right next to cow pads. We'd take them home for mum to cook up that night. They started to grow legs if they were kept any longer!

Tomatoes are always talked about as the best when grown at home. Ours are very popular indeed, as are the borad beans, pod and all if they are picked young. It's the heritage seeds and heritage varieties that give me the most pleasure growing though.

Heritage seeds have undergone rigorous taste and growing testing from picky eaters and serious gardeners. The strongest seeds from the best varieties are saved and grown over generations to provide a wonderful palette of fresh foods with superior qualities. I recommend to everyone that you plant some heritage seeds to enjoy the best nature has to offer.

You’ll have fewer disappointments and more harvest joy. Saving and sharing your best seeds also contributes to biodiversity.

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Comment by Daniel on June 29, 2010 at 17:51
Thanks, Linda! Enjoy your break! I'm sure lots of us will be looking forward to the mushroom post! :-)
Comment by Linda Brennan on June 29, 2010 at 16:31
HI Daniel I actually have some laundry mushrooms doing their thing at the moment. I am on a break at the moment and will put up the 'mushroom story ' when i get home. My daughter and son are looking after them and continuing to take the photo series of growth and harvest.
Comment by Daniel on June 28, 2010 at 23:11
Great post, Linda! Do you happen to have a link to any resources about growing "laundry mushrooms?" I'd love to learn! :-)

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