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On Saturday morning, we picked up two little Plymouth Rock pullets from a guy out at Cedar Grove. He was kind enough to show us his set up which was unreal. He had 2.5 acres, with a couple of sheep and a couple of goats. He was telling us that he gets them slaughtered at the abattoir near Beaudesert, for $60 and they give him all of the meat from the animal vacuum sealed. Neat indeed. He also had a mad lot of olive trees, reckoned he got 30kg of fruit last year, which he pickled.

Being a breeder, he had a lot of chooks, but even that set-up was cool. He kept all of the little ones in the garage, but the ‘growers’ were in little home made tractors in his veggie patch, which had a grape vine growing on the fence around it.

One thing he showed me that had me most intrigued was a huge 9 month old broiler pullet. Now, consider that broilers are normally finished at 42 days… this thing was huge, and could no longer walk properly, so he was going to put it down soon.

On Sunday, we got into the garden despite the rain. I put down some sugar cane mulch in the chook pen, to give them something to scratch around and poop in, so that when it comes time to clean out the pen, they will have done lots of poops and I’ll add the sugar cane mulch and poop mix to the compost bin.

I also FINALLY got rid of the Eucalyptus ‘Summer Beauty’ and planted my ‘Condo Mango’ (Keitt variety) instead. I got some ginger in the ground, planted two passionfruit vines, pruned the bigger olive tree and had a little time to contemplate what to do with my dwarf avocado (Wuertz variety) and China Flat peach tree (actually, it’s more of a twig). I’ve decided that I’m going to put them both in large pots until our sexy art deco garage is removed, and plant them in its place. That’s a much better use of space in my opinion. Anyway, I’ve officially banned myself from buying any more fruit trees until I have a better idea of space in the backyard (i.e. the garage is gone).

My watermelons are going gangbusters, with heaps of tiny little fruit on the vine. I suspect I will be harvesting in maybe a month or so? The corn isn’t going so well, but I’m going to hit it with some worm wee later today, so that should give them a good kick.

I've had a look at Lyn Cliff's photos today, so am suffering from extreme envy. Anyone know how to fix this?

How awesome is the rain?!

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Comment by Lotte on February 4, 2010 at 20:32
Any garden that inspires me to do more work in mine, must have something going for it :-D
Comment by Scarlett on February 4, 2010 at 18:52
yes, how good is lyn's garden!
Comment by Lotte on February 2, 2010 at 12:22
The breeder kills his own chooks - reckons it is not so bad, really. He said he had killed a goat (or was it a sheep?) with an Indian guy, but it was too much to bear, with the throat slitting etc. (the Indian guy did it halal) and he couldn't do it again.
Comment by Florence on February 2, 2010 at 11:44
I wish I have more spots for trees... I've already got a list of trees I want to plant if and when I get an acreage.... will probably need to win lotto for that seeing the land value in the area I am living went up by more then 450% and size is getting smaller over the last decade...

Did the breeder kill his own chooks or the abattoir is just for the sheeps & goats?
Comment by Donna on February 2, 2010 at 10:34
Wow, sounds like you were really busy on Sunday - I must get out there and plant some seeds, or I will be going hungry in a month or two.

Only way to fix extreme envy is to be patient, dream and hope - maybe one day my garden will be a star performer... in the meantime I just drool and curse that I didn't start sooner (or to be fair stay in the one spot long enough to harvest)!

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