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Return from holidays and dead things in my garden

Hi Y'all. 

Well I've been away from the garden for 2 weeks now.  Went to Melbourne for the first week -> froze my butt off in 7 degree weather, came home for less than 12 hrs (ran around the garden and tried to get as much done as I could in the 2 hrs in  the morning before I had to leave again) and then was off to Mackay for another week, leaving my garden in the (not so) tender loving care of my husband.  If you look back on past blogs, this is a mistake I just keep on making. 

First thing I saw when I pulled into the driveway was all my beautiful tomatoes looking like this:My tea garden looking like this

And my lettuce patch looking like this

Lots of other things were very wilty looking.  First thing I did today was water everything.  I need to go put some seasol on those tomatos to see if they can be rescued.  Fortunately, my other tomato patch was still looking good and I did a big harvest this morningThe mulberry tree is still looking amazing.  I harvested a 1 Litre ice cream container full of those and strawberries this morning.

Flowers are going bonkers.  I hope they are all still looking good in 3 weeks when you guys come over.  Won't be planting hollyhock again - It is TOO BIG!!

This is my verge garden which is now legal according to BCC :)

These are the sweet peas.  I'm thinking they need to come out soon.  They have all podded up and are overgrowing everything.  I'll let a few pods go fully ripe and they will come up next year.

At least my curcubit patch survived alright.  I have spaghetti squash, tromboncino, ronde de nice and regular zucchini in here.  Planning to get some reo mesh from B and join it with the trellis and the fence so the trom's can keep growing.

My first tromMy bean tower also is looking great.  This one is a mix of purple king and Blue lake.

First of the nectarines have coloured up!! Not ripe yet but will be soon.

Well, I think that's just about it from me folks.  I've got a lot of work to do to get this garden ready and deal with some of my set backs.  Hopefully it all is looking good when you get here.

Happy gardening guys.

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Comment by Phil on October 2, 2016 at 11:13

It's hard to leave your garden in the care of a non gardener. Even worse leaving it untended.... That's why I think perennials are so good as they require much less care. Good to see your mulberry tree has given you some bounty. Your garden still looks great despite the couple of casualties. 

Comment by Lissa on October 1, 2016 at 5:04

Nothing too damaged that it can't be salvaged by the looks and still plenty for cropping. You are doing wonderfully well with your productive suburban garden Susan, a real credit to your efforts.

My Trop Nectarines are just tiny little things at the moment....and I trimmed the tree a little too high, the net doesn't reach the ground this season which may allow the FF in.

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker on September 30, 2016 at 19:51

thanks for the offer of the bulb - would love one ! this is one I grew from seeds i planted a few years ago - I planted some in my sons garden when we moved to Houston Texas and i managed to fly back one october for R&R and collected the seeds . Now that we have been back 16 months I have several growing and swapped lots of seedlings for other plants for our garden ! Displaying DSC04123.JPG

Comment by Susan on September 30, 2016 at 19:34

Hi Mary-Ann, No, I never save seeds.  I always pick the flowers or cut the stalks of the dead ones and compost.  I seem to get plenty of bulbs over the years to spread them out.  The pinks seem to be most prolific in my garden.  I have that Hot pink, orange, pink with white stripes and an almost completely white.  You can have a bulb or two of the pinks if you want - I'll dig you up one when you come over.  Can't offer you any of the other colours though as they are not so prolific and I'm hoping to extend my numbers now that I'm keeping the chooks off them.

Rob, its so good that you are getting nectarines already.  When I came to your garden visit, yours was way more advanced in terms of fruit formation than mine.  I usually have to wait until middish October until I get my first.

Thanks Sophie - your flowers are very pretty too! You could probably get away with hollyhocks in your yard, they are too big for mine.  I'm leaving them until the garden visit and then they are coming out.

Comment by Mary-Ann Baker on September 29, 2016 at 17:11

gosh do hope my garden looks half as good as that when I return fro peth next week ! yes my loving husband is also in charge while I am away. Your hollyhocks look awesome and the garden looks so productive with everything fitting in well and growing so green and abundantly... hope the tomatoes survive ! love the pink hyppies - do you ever save the seeds - I planted a couple of hundred seeds last year but mine are deep red and not that gorgeous pink colour so cant wait til the start flowering to see what colours they will be ! maybe if you do save the seeds we could swap some to get a variety of colours ! 

Comment by Sophie on September 29, 2016 at 16:53

I just saw this again and can't get over those hollyhocks!!

Comment by Rob Collings on September 29, 2016 at 16:20

Your carrots keep on coming! Nice tomatoes. I'm guessing the wicking beds kept most of the plants well while you were away.

We ate out first nectarines yesterday, only a few now, with the bulk to come in November at a guess.

Your yard never ceases to produce decent harvest!

Comment by Sophie on September 29, 2016 at 12:53

Wow those hippies and hollyhocks are gorgeous :) 

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