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What a glorious weekend. I got there at 8am and had a lovely wander around while it was not crowded.  Of course, I had to stop at Grandma’s cottage garden where I picked up 3 more (small) salvias - Denver, jitterbug, cupie doll and a dwarf Shantae daisy to go in the front garden that I just cleaned up

I also bought a whole bunch of seeds from Erica vale seeds including vanilla marigolds!!

listened to Phil Dudman’s talk on pruning. Here are the notes I took: 

Mulberry - prune almost to the base of where branches start immediately after fruiting - November.
Citrus: bit by bit 20% every year.  Fruiting wood on extremities so don’t go hard o r loose all the fruit.  
Fig: winter prune when leafless. Train to frame and cut back to that frame every year (can keep 2-3 new growth for early breba crop)
Peach: early summer after harvest. Vase shape (open in centre) Remove ALL old Fruiting wood - beginning summer!!!! Don’t leave till winter. 

Also bought some (mostly) shade loving perennial plants that give beautiful flowers

Did you go to the expo?  What did you buy?

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Comment by Susan on March 19, 2018 at 22:17

Hi Christa, I need s some flowers for shade as I am just about out of sunny spots in my garden. They’re still not planted though. I would not have really gone into that stall as alll the plants looked rather boring (none were in flower and the pictures weren’t big enough to get noticed from the outside) until I saw the bouquet she had displayed - stunning! So I asked here to show me which plants were in the bouquet and to my delight a lot were shade lovers. She wasn’t really a business as such, from what I gathered a very enthusiastic private collector who was selling cuttings of things from her own garden. Who knows, maybe that will be me one dAy ;)

Comment by Christa on March 19, 2018 at 12:50

Good buys in those plants, I nearly bought the Aphelandra "Panama Queen" myself, the flowers last for weeks. The most unusual to me, is the chinese hat with purple centres. 

The blue ginger grows well in a shady spot, I have one under a tree.

My latest interest is Bonsai,  not the little Japanese trees, but trying it with some australian native trees.

Thanks for sharing the pruning hints Susan.

Comment by Susan on March 18, 2018 at 11:26

It really was a good morning.  Definitely best to go early and avoid the crowds. I left at 1230 and it was bad by then

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on March 17, 2018 at 16:30

Would have been a great experience. I have been to several over the years and enjoyed and learned so much from them. Just chatting to people in the crowd is often useful! Thank you for sharing the pix and your enthusiasm, Susan :-)

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