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Panama Berry

The Panama berry is the one in the back pot, it had been in a wicking pot previously with Elaine who found the caramel flavour of the berries didn't mix well in their smoothies with the other fruit and veg that they prefer.

I picked it up early this year and transferred it into this normal but double pot. It has settled in well producing flowers and continually if lightly fruiting.

The front pot is a pomegranate and the one to the left a kafir lime, they were only potted this week.

This Panama Berry I call a snacking tree, there are usually flowers and fruit from green just formed through to the pea sized red which is then ready to eat. Supposedly it fruits all year as I've only had it a few months I don't know yet. The fruit drop when ripe.

It is on the western side of my house.

I picked up the terracotta pots for $20 from masters ( I thought they were a very good price and I love the shape) anyway I wanted to double pot the berry to give the root system some insulation as a gentleman from BOGI (Brisbane organic growers) said he does with all of his pots.

Inside the terracotta is a plastic pot ( you can see the plastic rim, $12 from masters). I put a piece of rubble over the terracotta pot hole then put whatever is on hand, in this case sand, in the bottom so that the plastic pot would sit at the right height. I just sat the first plastic one in the terracotta like that as I couldn't figure how to get insulation down the sides by myself.

The subsequent ones Rose (who helps me in the garden) did and she taped polystyrene/ and rolls of newspaper to the outside of the plastic pot before lowering it in, how simple and ingenious. Sticky tape, a girls best friend.

Everything gets a good watering with fish emulsion when potting and the berry had a handful if organic extra before that good rain a fortnight ago.

A friend has the Panama berry in the ground, Lissa had one in the ground that she cut out, They fruit/fruited prolifically but he finds as Lissa has said in earlier blogs itis quite a job to keep it pruned to a manageable height, that's why I potted mine. Also I had heard that they sucker, my friends hasn't (yet?) and it is a larger tree.

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Comment by Lissa on February 12, 2015 at 4:40

I really like them. Lovely flavour. But the tree does grow very big and the roots are invasive so position is important. You would have plenty of room there Rob.

Comment by Rob Collings on February 11, 2015 at 20:57
I tried one of these berries for the first time last month, and found it quite tasty.

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