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Our chooks have finally laid their first egg!!!

We’ve got 4 chooks raised from chicks, two are Leghorns, one Australorp, and one Araucana. The Leghorns and the Australorp are about 25 to 26 weeks old, and the Araucana’s 23 weeks. We’ve been eagerly checking for eggs since 6 weeks ago!!

Ingham, Pen Pen, Freya, Marshmallow

We suspect the layer is the bigger leghorn, Ingham. She’s been pacing in and out of the coop and jumping up and down into the sleeping and nesting area several times all morning. She stayed in the nest even when Freya (the other leghorn) was calling, but the two leghorns are usually inseparable and call out to each other whenever any one of them’s out of sight.

We let them into the part of the garden where we had some veggies growing because we were in there clearing up some rubbish. While they were foraging, I noticed there’s secretion from Ingham’s vent, so I tried to pick her up to inspect. But being leghorns and without food in my hands, she runs away. Wasn’t in the mood to chase chooks, so I stepped back and was planning to observe from a distance , then I noticed there’s a little egg sitting on the grass ^^” in the open….. where the chooks just been… kinda weird ~ but we are happy ^___^ hope she doesn’t get in the habit of laying in random places.

Here’s the egg comparing with a 50c coin and a shop bought small egg.

Ingham's first egg vs shop bought small egg

Ingham's first egg vs 50c coin

Can’t wait for the first blue egg ~ and I hope the Australorp would be alright laying her eggs as she’s a cripple and can’t get up the nest by herself.

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Comment by Florence on May 30, 2009 at 22:04
I didn't weigh the eggs, haven't got around to get batteries for the scale :P
Ingham's been laying consistently almost everyday and usually lay inside the coop since she started laying, and the egg sizes were also consistent, but still no news from the other three chooks though....

Chooks ca be addictive, as there are just so many different breeds with dfferent sizes and colours, and even different colour eggs, so maybe just find the right one for Bob?

There's about a dozen breeds that I wanted to get, but we are only limited to 6 in Brisbane with our land size ^^, and finding a source can be difficult.
Comment by Vanessa Collier on May 17, 2009 at 11:31
Aww, do you feel like a mum seeing her little chickens growing up? The egg looks a good size, did you weigh it? Hopefully we'll soon be getting some chooks.
Comment by Scarlett on May 17, 2009 at 10:32
hooray! :)

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