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Of late I've been investing energy 'renovating' the school garden while 'maintaining' my own. That doesn't mean I've been neglecting my own patch.

Indeed the effort has served to offer me a comparison.

When I look at my own outback it keeps changing each year, each season, each month.If I didn't keep an inventory and map in my head I'd lose my gardening way.

Mine is a very (very!) mixed planted garden. Different vegetables and herbs are cheek to jowl  -- assuming plants had faces.Now that I've installed a spear pump and sprinklers anything now is possible.

I have water like nothing before.

At the moment the Vetiver clumps are taking off so I have this intense sense of expectancy that the next change is sure to be awesome.

If I keep the mulching up this is a very easy garden to manage. Little weeding and happy plants -- if they get plenty of water.

And no pests.

I get Cucurbita fungi but that's a given. I can rule that what the pundits say about multi cropping is true: the bugs don't know what's what when you confuse them with miscellany.

To give you an idea of the mix I thought I'd offer a list of what's growing:

  • Cucurbita: zucchini, cucumber, chocko, pumpkin, various gourds (snake, cucuzza/calabash, Tromboncino / zucchetta).
  • Below ground: yam bean, purple yam, taro, turmeric, potato, sweet potato, cassava, burdock, arrowroot.
  • Herbs: celery leaf, mint, thyme, marjoram, parsley,
  • Greens: longevity spinach, katuk, lettuce, chicory, endive, Okinawan spinach,radicchio,wild rocket, silver beet, piper leaf,kangkong, warrigal greens,dandelion, cabbage(2 left), Ethiopian cabbage, Aztec Spinach (Huauzontle)
  • Grains: corn.
  • Allium: spring onions, garlic chives.
  • Fruiting plants:tomato, tomatillo, pawpaw, mulberry, pomegranate, fig,Jabuticaba, passion fruit, globe artichoke, sweet peppers, chili peppers, lemon, lime,Feijoa, youngberry.
  • Legumes: pigeon pea, various pole beans, snake beans, Madagascar bean, winged bean.
  • Succulents: Nopales (cactus pads),rock samphire,dragon fruit.

The only regular fresh fruit and veg purchase we have to bring in are carrots and stem celery. Also fruits for the partner's breakfast.

Assuming, that is, I remember where everything is growing and ready to harvest.

But then, once upon a time, 7 years ago we started with this:

And the plants live happily together ever after.

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