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Well folks, when I left you last, the tank was dry, I was reduced to watering fruit trees with rinsing washing water and my grass was just about dead (in fact, one more week and it may have given its last gasp).  Since then, while the heat and humidity have been unbearable, the storms have been a welcome relief in the afternoon.  We are also very fortunate out my way as we have managed to avoid the hail and strong winds but caught all the glorious rain.

Not much is happening in the vegie garden that's new.  I'm still harvesting carrots from my winter sowing, cucumbers going good, plenty of beans and celery is loving the wicking beds.  I prepared a platter the other week for work.

I've had lots of failures though.  Capsicums keep getting stung (though don't really care too much about those), eggplants are tiny and the Zucchinis are just not developing.   Pumpkins have been a huge failure and all my rockmelons have had really bad powdery mildew and I've been too busy to spray so they have all but died.  And the bloody corn is driving me nuts.  I'm only getting 1/2 a cob filling out despite hand pollinating and some have had grubs in them.  Any suggestions?? Could it be they need more nutrients? Tomatoes don't seem to be thriving and none of my lettuces or beetroots are germinating (probably too hot?) This is the last decent harvest I had about 2 weeks ago.

Fruit trees are looking promising though.  The grapes, I didn't get to eat as they got some sort of mildew so I will make sure I will spray next time.  The peaches were absolutely beautiful and plentiful.  Here is about 1/3 of the crop I managed to pick.

Of the mangoes, while I didn't end up with the 20 I predicted, there are still 15 on the tree that have reached a decent size so am confident that they will continue to develop.  Big increase from the 2  I got last year :)

The lychees are also living up to their promise.  They are fattening up nicely.  Mine don't seem to ripen until mid January so have about 1 month yet for them to plump up some more.

The banana's have sent out another spike.  The last one was almost exactly a year ago.  It's the goldfinger again so still have no idea if the other is a ducasse or lady finger but hopefully they'll send a spike out soon and solve my dramas.

My pawpaws have finally developed fruit.  YAY!! 

My little rosellas are developing fruit - can't wait to make rosella jam.  I'm relying on my (admittedly sometimes faulty) memory of my granddad's plants to decide when to pick.  They definitely don't seem as fleshy as I remember so am leaving it for a while.

My apple tree is covered in fruit.  Unfortunately, I can guarantee you that every one will be full of fruit fly maggots :(  I used my net for the peach/nectarine tree,  I must order another (now that I know they work) for the apple so I get to eat all the gorgeous fruit next year.  New blossoms, so I will strip the fruit and wait for these to set before I cover.And finally... couldn't help myself.  I decided that yes, I did have enough space for more fruit trees, so my order of a dwarf shatoot mulberry and black sapote have just arrived from Daleys fruit trees.  Planting this weekend.

Well, I think that's all I had to tell you guys.  I'll hopefully have my mango harvest to show off in my next post.

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on December 12, 2014 at 21:48

Good grief.  I think you are going fantastic.  My cucumber has the dreaded mildew - I refuse to spray it.  I'd be a very  happy man if I was getting your harvest. 

Comment by Janice B on December 12, 2014 at 20:45

Lovely reading.

From memory you get the rosella fruit after the flowers - the fruit is red all over but are similar in shape to the flower bud.

Comment by Susanne on December 12, 2014 at 17:49
Thanks Susan, ups and downs it makes for a fascinating read, I enjoy seeing the variety of food you have growing so well in 'just' a suburban backyard.
Comment by Lissa on December 12, 2014 at 5:09

An absolute wonder of bounty in such a small yard! Really just goes to show what can be done with limited space. You don't need acreage to provide home grown goodies.

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