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October harvests and summer plantings

Hi everyone.  

The garden is going great still but it is time to start thinking about the summer crops.  While I'm still harvesting the brassicas (check out my broccoli and cabbage!!!) I have started to clean up the garden beds for summer crops. 

This week I've planted corn, dwarf beans, more tomatoes,  a variety of rockmelons (never been real successful - lets see if I can get a decent harvest this year), watermelons and cucumber.  I'm also trying some choy sum and another round of cabbages to see if I can get a bit longer out of the brassicas.  A couple of weeks ago, I planted mouse melons, Dianne's perennial capsicum seeds, a store bought long capsicum's seeds and I had these random seedlings come up in the compost (could have been chilli's or capsicums) and transplanted into a soil bed.  Looks like it is a bell capsicum! Also, the mouse melons are DELICIOUS!! My problem is I eat them instead of collecting them for a salad.  The vine looks super prolific so no doubt I'll be able to have enough to snack on AND have them make their way up to the house to eat. 

Needed to plant new tomatoes as the old vine has died off again, just like last year.  Maybe it's a determinate type of cherry roma?  Anyway, the toms are so delicious, it is worth replanting.  Also, a new trombonccino was planted a couple of weeks ago but this time in a soil bed to grow along the fence line this summer which will free up some of my wicking beds for other crops.   I'm just waiting for this giant one to ripen to save seeds and this bed will then be prepped for more corn :)

So, If you haven't netted your stone fruit against fruit fly, GET TO IT PEOPLE!!  As usual, I kept putting it off and had the few random peaches that flower and ripen early.   Finally got to netting this weekend and while I was doing it, observed 3 fruit fly go straight for these semi ripe peaches.  In the harvest picture later, there are a whole bunch of peaches which I thought I got in time - NOPE! All had maggots develop by Tuesday.  On the plus side, my loquats did not get stung and were delicious (their harvest ended 2 weeks ago).  Can't wait till next year when I'll hopefully get more than 5. 

Lychee flowers are going rank this year! Also, I have my first flowers on my longan tree (only 1 yr old).  Mango's are also fully loaded. 

Obligatory harvest shot.

And finally, I can't let spring start without the flower shots. 

Happy gardening folks

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Comment by Sophie on October 10, 2018 at 9:30

WOW Susan that looks great!!! Just noticed the hippies have started to bloom - gorgeous!! 

Comment by Roger Clark on October 9, 2018 at 6:45

Great results yet again Susan! It is always so good to see what you can do with good soil and a bit of hard work. I have also grown a good crop of Brassicas, carrots, etc, in my raised beds. Thankfully I have had plenty of tank water to keep everything alive during the cooler months. As we get into the warmer weather I am already expecting to have to deal with very hot times so I am only planting on plants that like the warmth, like eggplant, corn, rosellas, ginger, turmeric, climbing and dwarf beans and pumpkin. I can't resist trying a number of types of tomatoes too as they are so important to a good diet. I do hope that this recent rain is a sign of things to come, both for home gardeners and those out west, etc.

Comment by Dianne Caswell on October 5, 2018 at 6:58

Beautiful Susan, a wonderful harvest and looks like your Fruit Trees are going to be very kind to you this year. Love the Flowers, it is always nice to bring colour into the garden.  I am sure you will have a lot to show us at your GV in December, hope to see you at mine in October.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on October 5, 2018 at 5:10

Such abundance! Great gardening, Susan :-)

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on October 5, 2018 at 0:13

Well that was an instant fav.  

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