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This month's harvest:

-20 passionfruit + 20 for the possums (have proof!) and half dozen for passersby

-5 broadbeans

-3 chokos

-6 red eggplant

-2 large couve trochuda leaves

The garden is in bloom, there is rain, life is good.

A little sweet pea flower hiding amongst the sweet potato (never plant SP in the ground EVER again!)

A pretty geranium amongst the SP

Love the creamy nasturtiums

ID anyone? Caraway, valerian?

Giant cosmos, seed saved 

Pretty lily! Forgot I stuck in soil (from Aldi)

Pretty :)

Seed saving pakchoi

Pretty looking choko

Huge work clearing out the jungle out the back fence. With help from a friend, we put in some Weeping lillypillies - looking forward to them growing tall and strong :)

That is a 50 cent piece on the couve torchuda - was feeding us for days

Flowering hyssop among the banana babies

And my current favourite - fruity sage :)

Visited some friends who have a mini pop up nursery of native seedlings on their verge, lovely idea.

They gifted a mac nut seedling (below) & cape gooseberry

More bread adventures in November - raisins and walnuts seem to be popular

Happy gardening !

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Comment by Christa on December 29, 2017 at 19:28

Hmmm! I can almost smell the fresh bread.  The butterfly does look like an Aussie Painted Lady. They all come alive after the rain. 

Could the white flower be a Quuen Annes Lace flower? The cream nasturtium is unusual.

Comment by Matthew Bushnell on December 29, 2017 at 13:13

Lovely pics and update Sophie.  I would have said caraway to your plant id request, though now I can't tell if it is indeed valerian, (mine hasn't flowered yet).

Is your beautiful healthy fruity sage plant one you got from the shabby looking rooted cuttings I took to Andy's garden visit?  It's looking good.

Love the bread too.  It's making me hungry now.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on December 28, 2017 at 17:28

My! Ever amazed at the productivity of suburbia - especially your patch of suburbia, Sophie!

The butterfly could be an 'Australian Painted Lady' Vanessa kershawi not one I have ever seen but apparently common enough around town to make it into the locally-produced Create More Butterflies book.

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