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A year ago I was put in the position of having to sell my home, well established food garden and bee hives. Painful to say the least, especially as the agreed trigger to sell was the passing of my last two dogs. 

As I owned only half of the house there was never going to be enough left over to buy another house....even if I could get another loan at my age I simply didn't want a mortgage hanging over my head.

Rent? (Expensive and would require me to keep working in the area I was renting.)

Buy a mobile home and travel? (Expensive and would require me to give up my income and have one clumsy mode of transport.) 

House sit? (Save the money not spent on a mortgage and utilities, sounded good. Move around a lot, not so good.)

Well, I obviously chose the last one and I have been house/pet sitting for the past year while saving madly so I can have some time off to relax in 2018.

I am on around my 9th or 10th house sit and at Chapel Hill at the moment and I haven't had an empty day anywhere (knock on wood) and am currently booked up until September 2018 (a couple of gaps but they will be filled). The shortest sit was for two weeks for a friend - I took my holidays and just holidayed with her gorgeous pets at a beautiful location in Dayboro and the longest 4mths. Usual sit length is a month.

I bought a big car with an interior that all folds down to carry my day to day stuff and all the rest went into storage.

It took some mental gymnastics but I eventually embraced the unusual state of freedom that I found myself in ie kids all grown and gone, no house, no pets. Just me and my car and the ability to do pretty much whatever I want. The lure of travelling up the Queensland coast, going from sit to sit, was strong, but I have elderly parents on Bribie and after deliberation I have decided to head there and be available to help them out. My Father has made it clear that they are "independant and don't need my assistance" but Mum is keen to have me nearby and Dad will get used to it eventually!! I will just "hover".

So I have been saving for a year, have just quit my FT job and will move to the Bribie area in two weeks. I do have one sit for another friend at Mango Hill but then it should all be Bribie. Eventually I will either rent some place of my own so I can create another food garden or I will move in with Mum once Dad passes...and create another food garden.

I hope to do some volunteer work in aged care as I love working with the oldies. They have such a wonderful outlook on life and enjoy each day. I hope to do some art classes, yoga/pilates classes and whatever else I find that looks like a bit of fun.

It's unlikely that I will be attending many GV's in the Brisbane region, but, once I have a garden of my own again I will invite anyone willing up to Bribie. If you are on the island give me a ring and I would love to catch up.

Below is a photo taken by one of my sisters (sisters, brother, nieces, nephews and more all still live on the island or nearby).

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And I'll add another shot just taken by my other sister....

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Comment by Christa on December 23, 2017 at 8:29

I am so glad to hear you have found a path to follow. The last year has been quite busy for you and soon you may be able to set roots down and begin what you love doing. 

Maybe you will be able to toss your gypsy hat and put on your gardening hat again. When you do go back to doing one of the things that you do best, we can all give back what you have shared with us, plenty of plants and cuttings and friendship to get you growing again.  Does your mum enjoy gardening as well?  

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