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Hi Guys,  well I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.  I am a little bit garden mad and my husband just roles his eyes at me and lets me do whatever I want in the garden; it will be nice to have fellow nutters to talk to about the garden.


  I have been really busy in the garden over the holidays and trying to get all the pertinent things completed before going back to school and neglecting everything again.  A big thing on my "to do" list was to build another in-ground wicking bed at the back of the garden bed.  Into it, I have planted my usual tomatoes that I've had growing for the last 3 years.  One is a grape tomato that I bought from Diggers years ago  and the other is a round cherry tomato that came up all by itself in my flower patch - but was delicious so kept replanting.  I now only bother planting cherry types - so much easier, very tasty and no fruit fly problems.  From 3 plants, I am picking approximately 600 g every week, even in winter.


I also convinced myself that I definitely have enough room for more fruit trees so have just bout two tropical apples (anna & golden dorsett) and a panama berry tree.  My multigrafted apple tree fruits many times a year and are quite nice but prone to fruit fly.  I'm going to make bags to go over the fruit this year.  Since they were so successful and my kids LOVE apples, I thought I'd get more so that we can get decent harvests.  

A work colleague got me onto the panama berries.  He's a gardening nut as well and bought a berry in for me to try.  AMAZING!!! I have been waiting for months to find one - Daleys always has "in production" on their listing and I've not seen it at Bunnings/Masters/Nurseries.  BUT as luck would have it, I went into Bunnings today to get the apple trees and what should I spy but a panama berry tree.  Fate, I tell ya.  It has gone in to the vacant spot that the Imperial mandarin ( was attacked by woodborers)left.  Don't worry,  I know that these need to be kept pruned - it will be worth it for those delicious berries. 


So that brings my fruit tree count up to …… more than 30 - Wow! It doesn't seem that many but add them all up and just Wow.  Here is a list of what you can see on Sunday (keep in mind, these are nearly all Dwarf varieties, most only planted in the last 2 years and I only have 600 sq meters. )  3 x lychees (2 unknown, 1 Wai Chee), Panama berry, 5 x blueberries (all different low chill varieties), multigraft citrus (only thing I know for sure is lime), Nagami cumquat, 2 x orange ( valencia and washington), 2 mandarin (imperial and emporer), mulberry, avocado (wurtz), 2 x mango ( Bowen & palmer), custard apple,  2 x pawpaw, 2 x banana (dwarf ducasse & goldfinger), passionfruit,  3 X apples (tropical sunrise & green glo -> multigraft, Anna, Golden Dorsett), multigraft stone fruit (2 x peach and 2 x nectarine), Pomegranite, Eureka lemon, grape and macadamia.    I am so looking forward to when they are all fully productive.

My lemon tree (which I think I only planted in 2012) is absolutely loaded with lemons.  This weekend, I made my first jam -> lemon & cumquat.  It was delicious but because I didn't have too many cumquats, I only made a small batch -> 1.5 jars full and the kids and I ate the 0.5 today :)  I'm thinking about making lemon butter next - only thing that’s holding me back is the number of eggs it uses and I still only have ONE EGG LAYER!!  Grrr.


I am so impatient!  Those bloody chooks are taunting me.  I have had them now for 10 weeks!!  When oh when will the rest start laying?  Minty is doing her bit mind you.  She is very consistent.  3 days of laying followed by 1 day off and for the past month has been giving us her beautiful white eggs.  But as we go through 2-3 dozen eggs a fortnight, I can't stop buying eggs yet.


Well that's it from me for now.  Am looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.

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Comment by Lissa on July 13, 2014 at 5:25

PS Watch that b. Panama Berry right next to your fence. It's a biggun' when it's finished growing, with invasive roots. Will be interesting to see if you can keep the size controlled with the regular pruning.

Comment by Lissa on July 13, 2014 at 5:23

Saturday 19th it is Valerie.

Wonderful blog Susan :D I just love reading about your experiences.

Comment by Valerie on July 12, 2014 at 22:29

Is your GV on Sunday?? It says 19 July on calendar. That's a Saturday. I don't want to miss it :-)

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