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May Garden after the pumpkin vines ~

Having cleared the pumpkin vines, it exposed some available ground.. I’ve asked Albert to remove a line of bricks in between the veggies beds and the row of fruit trees, and dug a trench that’s one spade deep and one spade wide in its place. I then put in a layer of horse manure, scattered some blood & bone, and wood ash, mix it up with a bit of soil and put the dug up soil back in the trench to make a long narrow raised bed ~

I’ve transplanted some sugarloaf cabbages, and broccoli seedlings, a couple of lavender seedlings, planted some tulip and anemone bulbs, and garlic gloves into this raised bed ~ The sugarloaf cabbages are growing well, except for those which were not harden off before planting, these leaves turned red and were stunt .. they're now turning green slowly though. I think the bigger elephant garlic gloves have sprouted, but not the small ones and the flower bulbs...

The luffa and pumpkin in the avocado bed’s been cleaned up yielding two big luffas, some young luffas, and three immature pumpkins. A wheelbarrel load of mulch, grass clippings and soil were swept up from the chook run and dug into this part of the bed, then I’ve transplanted some carnation, and rainbow silverbeet seedlings to there ~ They didn't grow much in the past two weeks though.....

Emptied pots and trays are filled with home made seed raising mix (Just soil + coir + a little bit of blood & bone) again, and new seeds were sown. I’ve sown some more broccoli, and rainbow silverbeet, plus shepard’s purse (horrible tiny seeds), spinach, and leeks. I had the seed raising mix at just the right fluffy moisture level, and then I accidentally tipped over half a bucket of water into it… so it was a soggy mess when I scoop them into pots and planted seeds into them.. hope it’ll be alright… Leeks, and broccoli are the only ones germinated so far...

I’ve also sown some ornamental lupin into the legume bed too ~ and I think most of these have germinated.. The chooks have dug up the radishes I planted a few weeks .. I've planted some more plus carrots and parsnips into the small roots bed and covered it with some branches from the giant ginger flowers.. hope that will deter them and the birds...

The large root bed is growing green manure for nematodes at the moment.. sown marigold first, waited a couple of weeks but still didn't any germination.. then I sown some rocket, and they germinated quickly. This photo shows the marigolds started germinating when the rocket are on their first set of true leaves ... I've sown some black mustard in the bare patches where nothing germinated...

This one below was taken on 29th of May, the marigolds have disappeared under the fast growing rocket ^^ I think rocket makes good green manure as far as being fast growing goes ^^

One of the leghorns’ (Ingham) laying again after 6 months of broodiness + moulting (very shiny white feathers atm, but that’ll change soon after a few dust baths in mud… ) One of the new chicks just commenced laying too ~ although the Araucana who’s been the sole layer for the last few months have stopped laying and started moulting.. but I am hopeful we may be able to stop buying eggs again soon :)

Still heps of work to do though, very much behind with all my autumn plantings.... plannning to plant those sweet potato cuttings that were sitting in a bucket for a while.. probably a bit too late, but will give that a try anyways.. Gotta plant some more peas too ~ Angela's blue this time ~ can't wait to see them :)

I still haven't got around to prune the fruit trees ... my peach is flowering again in May/June!! This tree is so confused..

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Comment by Donna on June 3, 2010 at 7:45
I had that bucket of sweet potato you gave me sitting around so long the roots were almost solid! Planted the lot in one place (couldn't untangle it) and it is going great guns! I even have flowers... maybe some of it is ornamental??

I am/ was having trouble with germination (think it's the weather) but finally starting to see some things sprouting ... hope they aren't weeds :)

You're not alone with the pruning either! I have done one passionfruit vine, but all the other stuff is still waiting... and probably not this weekend either as it is David's birthday party so I will be busy elsewhere :(
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on June 2, 2010 at 21:15
You have been busy! :-) Blue peas? Sound interesting - climbing, bush? Just put the Sweet Potatoes into a common bed to wait for warm weather ... around August, cut off some tops to make roots for new plants to go into where they are to produce tubers.

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