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Hi Everyone,

I've managed to get in 7 hours of good gardening last weekend and feel like I've achieved a lot.  Vegie wise, I planted out into seedling punnets some broccoli, beetroot, lettuce and spinach.  Direct sowed some bush beans and dwarf peas.  I lost all but 2 of the beetroots I planted 2 weeks ago - I need to learn my lesson and just not buy them as seedlings.  I never have any luck with those but when I make my own seedlings to transplant, I never have a drama??? Don't know why, maybe they get stronger, not so crowded who knows. 

Cucumber glut is a happening.  Took in 8 cucumbers to work the other day.  I'm harvesting about 4 every 4 days.  

The trombonccino's planted at the end of January have produced their first fruit.  I cannot get over how quick and how productive they are and such an awesome/flavoursome zucchini.  Here were the first 2 harvested from the vine along with the cuc's and my measily handful of tomato's.  To be fair to the toms though, I'm getting that every 2nd day so I haven't had to buy toms.

I have my first mandarins on the Miho Wase satsuma and it will be the first time I will have tasted this variety and this is the 3rd year in the ground.   This is supposed to be the earliest fruiting variety of my 4 mandarin trees (Says March to June on Daleys site so I will assume April as they do not look close to ripe).  The next variety to ripen should be the imperial - it also has it's first fruit but not so impressive (only about 3) :) Daley's harvest time says may june july.  Next is emperor -> July, Aug, Sep (5 year old tree - have had fruit last 2 years, you can start picking in july where I live.)  Then the last variety is the Afourer  fruiting in sep - november.  No fruit yet but I did see some flowers on there the other day so I might have some develop soon.   I planted these varieties strategically.  My kids and I love mandarins and wanted to have an extended harvest.  This shall hopefully have us supplied from April through to at least September once they are fully established.  When I was researching which varieties, the Daley's website was invaluable as they show harvest times and so I could see exactly what varieties to get to extend my harvests.

I've had another paw paw tree fall victim to too much top heavy fruit and snap.  I still have my original orange variety from my mum going and one red papaya out near the banana's that didn't snap last time but only just really took off.

With all this rain, my asparagus went nuts and sent up enough new spears to collect these.  We had them with panfried salmon and hollandaise sauce.  Delicious!!

I've started to slowly start the cleanup.  While the ground is moist, it is the perfect time but unfortunately, every weekend has had horrid weather and I haven't achieved as much as I'd like.  Oh well, slow and steady and I won't get overwhelmed and give up.  First task was tidying up the front garden.  I got some salvia's from Dianne which (she did warn me) grew far too large and took over my path to the house.  I have some at the back as well so these needed to go.  Before and after shot with my fig cuttings planted.  I put 3 in and hopefully at least one survives (i'll remove the other 2 once i'm sure)

I also cleaned up the sweet potato that was in *extended backyard*, recomposted it and have planted my native raspberry, Tangelo seminole and Chestnut tree. 

Out of the 6 dragon fruit flowers that I got, I only seem to have 2 fruits that look like they'll develop. 

Well that's it from me folks.  I have a couple of big plans for the next 2 months (one of which involves removing the apple tree) and I will keep you updated on anything that I manage to accomplish.  Garden Show is on this weekend - so excited! - and I have a 40th to go to so probably not much gardening for me this weekend but you all enjoy the nice weather.

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Comment by Susan on March 18, 2018 at 11:29

Well they are one of the most reliable flowers without hardly any care. It will be a few years yet before I’m fully reaping rewards from the citrus

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on March 16, 2018 at 20:44

LOL - Rozie is killing me with salvias as well.  That Dianne has a lot to answer for!  It's a great time of year for citrus but it looks like you've diversified better than me.  

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