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I was doing so well!  I had committed to doing one per fortnight and I think I managed that for about a year.  Now, slowly but surely, life is creeping in the way and I'm not getting much in the way of blogging done.   I feel like I'm not doing much in the way of gardening either, but that's not completely true.  As usual, I've got another "project" or two underway so my vegie patch is getting ignored cause there is only so many hours available on the weekend and when your morning is taken up with getting ready for work and you're getting home with only 1/2 hr of daylight left, nothing is getting done during the week either.

Project #1 attempted last weekend and still incomplete:  I have a banksia that is on a very dangerous lean over the garden and beehive and with the extra weight of the massive passionfruit vine growing up it, it was only a matter of time before it falls.  Pre-emptively, I bought a Ryobi battery operated tree trimmer (think mini chainsaw size) that is on an extendable pole which I thought would be high enough.  Because of its lean, we were doing very small cuts and lugging them over to the forest behind our house.  couldn't get it all though (passion fruit too tangled in the branches and it's too high to cut easily) but for now, enough has gone that were it to fall, I don't think it would break the beehive and it would miss most of my garden beds.

Project #2 was something I'd been thinking about and Cathie's garden visit gave me the inspiration to complete.  New chicken yard is built on the right side of the house with access under the murraya hedge for the chicks.  Max had ruined the grass here anyway and where they were, I can now plant more fruit trees.  I got a persimmon today and am still looking for a Tangelo (another idea from Cathie's - hers was so prolific and gorgeous, I just had to have one.)  Clean up will continue next weekend.

Many other things still to do (my list only ever grows - never seems to get shorter) but this will keep me busy a while. 

I have got an issue with my brassica's.  I got a few good heads of broccoli and sugar loaf cabbage but the latest plantings seem to have issues.  The cabbages look like they've bolted and the broccoli's are not setting decent heads.  I am also not getting shoots off the old broccoli.  So currently, I have 3 beds devoted to brassica and other than the first harvests, don't think I'm getting much more.

I am also letting a 4th bed set seed for beans and peas - I'm going to try to save my own from the good ones but that is yet another bed out of action so I have heaps of seedlings and nowhere to put them.

So, my cucumber is still pumping out 1 every 10 days or so and my new patch of tomato's are looking fab - but let's see if they keep looking so good once they start ripening up their crop.

Fruit is coming along.  Pictured here is the Nagami cumquats (need to pick and turn into marmalade), pink grapefruit (made into juice this morning), strawberries (at least 250g per week) peaches and nectarines starting to set, along with blueberries, and passionfruits galore.  Banana's, pawpaw and oranges are also being harvested at the moment

Bought a rhubarb plant from greenharvest because even though Diggers sent me replacements for the last debacle, they were still weak, sickly and rotted in the pot.  To justify the purchase, I also bought perennial leeks and chilean guava.  They arrived midweek and all I had time to do was pack them all in one pot together.  They can sit there for a while until spring I think and then I'll plant them out.  BTW, if you're interested, the rhubarb is ever red AND it is going strong - ie I could actually see a damn crown and not a rotted black mess that I got from diggers and has sent up a new shoot already that looks strong and healthy.

Well, that's it from me folks.  Hopefully I'll be blogging more regularly or at least monthly from now on and there will be more to report.   Happy gardening

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Comment by Dianne Caswell on August 10, 2017 at 13:39

Your garden is still looking wonderful Susan. I must remember to plant my Rhubarb as it starting to grow out of the plastic it came in. The Grapefruit are a wonderful colour and I am sure you will love the Tangelos as much as I love mine, it still has fruit on it. You are a wonderful example for your kids Susan.

Comment by Sophie on August 8, 2017 at 19:51
Next minute we will all be doing our groceries at Susan's farmgate stall!
Comment by Andrew Cumberland on July 30, 2017 at 21:16

You are still doing pretty darn well.  


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