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After seeing how neat and tidy Mark's setup is.. I decided to buy some proper seedling trays and seed raising mix.

Partly also because I found my own seed mix have a lot of weed seeds in them and I have no idea what comes up were what I planted especially for those I am growing for the first time.

I got the seed raising mix, 8-cell punnets, and name tags from Pick'n Pay. Bought the trays from a man at Chandler's market who also have an ebay store.

Now doesn't it looks much more tidier than recycle punnets and pots of all different sizes? Of course, I will continue to recycle, but would be more same size pots for the same plants..

Here's a photo of what I bought from Pohlman nursery at Gatton when we visited Toowoomba this past weekend.

The punnet in the bottom right is of a coloured Cauliflower variety they're testing, and I only got it for $1~ I've planted some of them around my newly dug 'hole' where I've transplanted my watercress..

The green manure bed is growing well, but the rocket still dominates over the marigold and mustard... we cut some each day as treat for the chooks and they loved them ^^

The tomatoes have started flowering, but I haven't got a photo of that yet... can't wait to see what fruits I am getting as I planted seeds from a mixed bag..

The top soil has been really dried, so I've watered more frequently, especially where I have just sown seeds.. and am concern about the tank water supply over winter.. I really need to get some mulch..

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Comment by Florence on June 17, 2010 at 20:57
Speaking of Pick'n pay, I just went there to buy another set of the 8-cell punnets and found that a few things are on special, including Rocky point organic sugarcane mulch for $9 a bale, so I bought a couple. Also saw Searls 5 in 1 organic plant food 30 litres for $7, and Rocky point organic cow manure 30 litres for $5.50 amongst other things... :)
Comment by Florence on June 17, 2010 at 13:20
I was looking for lucerne mulch, but Don does not appear to be contactable since last week?

I found my chooks likes some of the weeds too, but didn't pay attention to as which weeds they like.. .. I don't weed very much u see, and when I do I tend to accumulate a whole bucket and just tip them all into the run ....

Pick'n pay is part of the Coles/Kmart/Target group, but I think they have a bigger collection of gardening things than Coles or Kmart, but they don't sell plants.. . except when they have special stocks in.. it's at Sunnybank Hills shopping town on the corner of Pinelands and compton road.
Comment by Donna on June 17, 2010 at 12:40
Very flash seed setup there Florence! I have found the lucerne mulch to be fantastic for retaining moisture, but need to go and get more as it has broken down now.

I weeded the herb garden and thought I would see if the chooks liked them, they ate them all which inspired me to weed another bed too! Didn't think of the green manure, will chop some of the mustard and see if they like it.

Where is the Pick n Pay that you go to and what do they sell - I've never heard of them before?

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