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I told you I needed motivation!!

I was inspired by vanessa and finally dug through my worm farm and salvaged the stupid ones who wouldn't go into the new layer. I planted some cherry tomato, cucumber, golden nugget pumpkin, peas and spring onion seeds. Fixed my weeper hose so that its ready for summer when I can't keep up with hand watering anymore. Dug in the worm compost around my capsicum and eggplant seedlings, multigraft citrus (see I told you I was gonna take better care of it !!) and around my broccoli seedlings and raspberry bushes. Boy did I feel like I had accomplished stuff!!

I know I said I wouldn't grow carrots again but Lissa's pictures made me go out and buy some carrot seeds and I've planted those as well. Also, the one cauliflour that survived actually has the most beautiful looking cauli on it so I might just give it one more year before I give up on them.

I now think I need a bigger garden as I would like to give asparagus and potatos a go. So I need to convince my husband that we really don't need that much lawn :). Not that he cares really, he just doesn't like my gardens when they get neglected. Mind you, he loved checking out the tomato plants and picking the tomatos on the weekend. I normally don't allow him in the garden because he is big footed and just steps wherever he pleases (seriously... he's worse than the kids!) but since he was in there hammering the posts for me, I let him have a squiz around.

I've got to get some more photo's up.

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Comment by Donna on July 22, 2010 at 13:32
Wow, you certainly must have been busy! Wish I could get out and do the same :)
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on July 19, 2010 at 20:39
The only lawn in my place is not in my place but out in the Council's footpath. It is so satisfying to dump 8 tonnes of woodchip on a lawn and watch a strong guy cover all the grass. Better yet a few weeks later to push aside the chips and see earthworms.

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