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It's so beautiful.

Our lychee is covered in flowers, and the pecan and the pomegranate both have fresh leaves.

The tropical pears are off and galloping - I can see they will need a strong haircut each year to keep them under control for the space they are in.

LYCHEE, left. PECAN next to chook house (which is covered in mulberry and passionfruit)

CUBBY with mulberry curtain - our 5 y.o. is obsessed :)

The garden is somewhat overgrown, especially the lemon grass and that crazy purple bean - never did find out what it is. I have new rocket seedlings growing, so decided to give everything a hair cut.

BEFORE.... (actually I'd already done several lemongrass...) and AFTER


AFTER - i know, it looks better before, but it will bounce back better than ever with all the room for new growth . I reckon heaps of gardening is about giving everything room to grow actively all the time - removing competition for space and light and water.

Lemongrass is really easy to cut back - just grab it all up like a ponytail, and chop through just below where you're holding. I chop it more finely to use in the chook pen as straw, or once in half to drop as a mulch.

The chooks got all the bok choy that had gone to seed (except one plant). They were very happy. They also got a whole heap of rocket, but they never really eat that. Fussy!! I do - chop parsley, fresh green beans, some rocket, cherry tomatoes and basil into some plain pasta with parmesan, olive oil, salt, butter, pepper and garlic, and you have a feast!

My daughter offered to make me a cup of lemongrass tea! It was delicious :)

The banana pawpaw circle is very tall now, and still fruiting madly. Lots of big crazy mushrooms have come up in the greenwaste pile after the big rains we had - so the pile will be half the size very shortly! We're putting the dirty chook house straw on it to speed it up. It probably has a bit of indigestion - have put ENORMOUS quantities of garden waste on it recently. Note = free disposal, makes free food :)

I need a ladder for the big pawpaws now.

I put some beans in thinking they were bush beans, and they are climbers. Weirdly, they are completely just as happy as the trellised ones, scrambling over the ground. We're getting buckets of beans from them - they're much harder to pick though, you have to lift the bush up and sort of feel around. See the nest of beans visible in the middle of this photo?

Thyme is doing well since i transplanted it - one flower appearing. Oregano happy in the background there too, and the rosemary going strong. They like this hot hill, no compost. The beans are where the pigeon pea was, and they seem very happy - maybe those old rhizobia releasing nitrogen for them?

Perennial basil a must have. Chick weed weeds behind - wish the chooks would eat those, but no...

They like the broccoli much better :( This broccoli was decimated 400 times, and is now producing tiny florets at ground level! Hopeless....

Also bok choy, common chives, mizuna and coriander in this shot - all from seed, except the coriander - which has been quite successful this year - I'm thinking it was the horse manure :)

Lots of volunteers here - rocket seedlings, bean seeds sprouting, peanuts I must have missed last year, pigeon peas. Cool! No work gardening :)

More here - cosmos, poppies and beans all volunteering.


Zukes coming on well at the back in this shot . I've taken to using a sprinkler with a timer tap. I've got tank and town water. So nice the dams are full again!! And so is our tank.

I like the way the fallen banana flower bracts become water containers for the garden creatures. Lots of carrot seedlings.

Our water tank pump. The hose fitting goes vertically up - not sure if the timer tap will work on it. Don't want to break pump/ empty tank - and am too busy to supervise and experiment. Will try soon I hope - although we've sold the house, so what's the point? Sigh...


Good bye dear yard, we've loved you well

Our solar lantern getting a charge


This annoying banana tree has collapsed onto the clothesline so we can't rotate it. It's been like this for months! I can't wait until they ripen...

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Comment by Donna on October 10, 2010 at 16:42
Maybe leave BLF website address in the top drawer... would love to keep following the garden - providing they *don't* put in mock oranges!!!
Comment by Susan on October 10, 2010 at 16:36
That would break my heart too if I sold my house when I have spent years getting fruit trees to the productive stage only to have someone rip it all down. I think I would make it a condition of the sale that the person who was going to buy my house was just as interested in gardening as I was :)
Comment by Florence on October 7, 2010 at 14:16
5 days is amazing in this market right now (from what I've been hearing and reading elsewhere anyways). Well done, all your hard work have paid off :)
It's great that it sounded like you have sold it to someone who would keep the garden the way it is and not putting in mock oranges ~~~
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on October 7, 2010 at 13:50
Well done Scarlett - giving out the right vibes! :-)
Comment by Scarlett on October 7, 2010 at 13:29
it's been sold - took 5 days. to someone who loves the garden and asked especially if the chook house was included :)
Comment by Donna on October 7, 2010 at 13:10
I will miss your yard too, it is so inspiring.. the new one won't be the same as it will have things for the wrong climate!

Have you considered putting an email with your house for sale details out to members? I'd buy it in a heartbeat if we were in a position to buy right now.
Comment by Scarlett on October 7, 2010 at 12:40
that's what I thought! :) but it's a very bendy banana. it was on the site of an old brick BBQ, which had a lot of rubble in the hole - i think it can't get its roots down properly

i don't know! i bought them in a fit of whimsy - never seen them fruit! and they probably get HUGE - normal pears are (like 15m). and they probably don't fruit very well :) but pear trees are pretty and they will provide some protective and deciduous shade for the citrus behind them (which is why I got them really)
Comment by Vanessa Collier on October 7, 2010 at 12:36
Despite having to put lawn in, you still seem to have so much in your garden. I've never heard of tropical pears. Do they taste like normal pears and how big do the trees grow? Can't wait until we get bananas - will keep them clear of our washing line : )


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