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With the increased rain and warmer temperatures in October and November, the summer plants like the ones in the Cucurbitaceae family were jumping out of the ground like they are on steroids! (Except for hairy melon, winter melon, and angled luffa… these are so tricky!) They are suffering in the last week as the heat intensify though...

The peas and snowpeas were suffering from powdery mildew except for a few which were grown from seeds saved from a supermarket volunteered plant a couple of years ago… Although they don’t produce the best pods and seem to be doing not so well in the past week, but I am saving seeds of these ones because they coped the best and didn't get mildew in late spring compare to the others ~

Many radishes, lettuces and other greens bolt to seeds quickly under this heat, but they make good green supplements for the chooks. However, there’s not enough for us and the chooks, so I think I have to learn to sow more and at higher frequency for greens. My main salad bed is pretty much empty at the moment with only the sunflowers planted for shade taking up all the room…

Here’s photos from October & November ~~~

Paw Paw snowpeas Broadbeans Sweet potato flowers

LettucesRotten PeachCucumber Flowers Yellow Zuchinni Green Button Squash Beetroot

ChokoPak Choi Radish Golden Nugget Pumpkin Strawberry Golden Nugget Pumpkin
Spaghetti Squash

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Comment by Scarlett on December 4, 2009 at 23:17
wow!! unreal :D
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on November 25, 2009 at 18:18
Aah! Spaghetti Squash ... well now I've grown and eaten them but didn't recall their colour and shape when young. Right ... they need to be mature like Pumpkin or the spaghetti-like structure doesn't appear - or so I've heard. The SS is cooked/steamed in/over water whole. It is a watery texture but if you cook it whole it's as dry as it can be. You can scrape out the strings and perhaps freeze it (never tried that) or just have it with whatever you might have with pasta. For diabetics and coaelics it's the perfect pasta-substitute; for anyone wanting something different, it's perfect for that too. Like most melon-type fruit, it can be a tad bland but then it takes on whatever flavours you want to have with it. If you want to save seeds though, that fruit will need to be raw.
Comment by Florence on November 25, 2009 at 15:47
Mick: Unfortunately I don't know of any specific radish recipe, maybe someone who's familiar with Malaysian cuisine could help you out ^^
Elaine: I prefer my radish cooked, and they are not spicy when they're cooked ~ I've had them pickled at various Asian resturants of different countries ~ never tried pickling them at home though ~ I think if you only want them large finger size then it doesn't really matter when you sow them? Coz they still grow in summer, just bolt to flower earlier... The last photo is a Spaghetti Squash, I did put it in the 'alt' option in the image tag, and a textbox used to show up when your mouse hover over the image, but it doesn't anymore... :( It's the first time I grow these and have never eaten them before... I think this is like pumpkin where you harvest when they mature as the ones I've seen in pictures are orange and round rather than a creamy greenish colour and oblong...
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on November 25, 2009 at 13:52
Thanks for the report and photos Florence :-) - great to see flourishing food gardens! The Daikon is but a babe ;-) I love them fresh with salt when they are about large finger size, after that they get too hot for this old chook. I found the 'radish' seeds I bought for sprouting were Daikon so I've left one in to seed. Ye godz! The upper part of the plant is *huge*! So big it's got 2 stakes and string and rope around it to hold it off the other plants with which it shares a bed. The Daikon are probably more a cool season plant but I'm hoping to have some in shady spots for the summer. We'll see.

What is the white fruit in the last pic? A Crystal Apple Cucumber or something else?
Comment by Florence on November 25, 2009 at 10:17
Addy: The peas picture was taken in October, they got mildew in November and were pull out.. managed to get two croppings from them although I planted them late (August), so I was happy.
The bok choi/pak choi were planted from seeds (I always thought the white stem ones were bok choi, but the seed package says pak choi.. so confusing) Thanks for the compliment on the photos ~ can't take any for the next couple of weeks though, my sis took it with her overseas... I think I might borrow Albert's one to continue my photo record :) very handy to find out when & what's planted/flowering/fruiting etc..

Donna: I think that particular one is Daikon Radish, which is a Japanese variety and I think they can grow huge... never got a huge one though although this one's a decent size. The oriental ones I think are the Chinese ones, which is smaller but can get to the size of this Daikon one I've got. Radish's in the Brassica family, so they grow better in our Autumn/winter/spring... it's getting a bit too hot now, but I will still try sow some more on the next root moon planting day :) I think the peach might have been stung by fruit flies.. but I do know the tree's got borer as well.. could borers do that? It happend to the fruits I covered with black opaque stocking as well... The pumpkins were grown from seeds of a pumpkin from food connect, which I think is Golden Nugget and it should be pretty much full size now on the vine if they grow true to type... just trialing it. I have Jap pumpkin growing as well, forgot to take pics of those.. huge vines, but only has 3 or 4 pumpkins on it though...
Comment by Vanessa Collier on November 25, 2009 at 7:28
Looking good, so nice and lush!
Comment by Donna on November 25, 2009 at 7:09
Looking great! Is the root veggie poking out an oriental radish - great photo? I have seeds you? gave me but not sure what season they are...
Shame about the peach, do you know what caused it? The fruit on your pumpkins are huge!
Comment by Addy on November 25, 2009 at 0:37
Your garden is flourishing! I can't believe that your peas are still going, mine have withered away, a few self seeded plants have come up, but really quite miserable looking. The bokchoys look so healthy, did you grow them from seed? Thanks for sharing, the photos are fantastic!


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