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Free Cassava cuttings for pick up if someone wants them

Hi everyone, I was getting down after our first week of working from home so did a really naughty run to Bunnings to spend my way to happiness. Oh and boy did I find it! Oops. But I figured I wouldn't be going out spending on entertainment money for the next couple of months so might as well! And it's an investment on our grocery bill (hopefully). 

Straight up - I was lucky I got anything! The local nursery had sold out of veg seedlings. And at Bunnings all the lettuce, kale, carrots, peas sold out - whether as seedlings or seed packets!! Was looking for peas to plant too...

I did pick up some mini caps, black russian toms, cauliflower (wild card for me), and some pretty heirloom beans. I do think I panic bought some organic seed packets - can't even remember what I ended up getting ahaha I'll have a look and a laugh later. 

Anyway, to the title of this post - this morning I did a bit of a clean up in the veg patch to make some room and trimmed back my cassava/manioc plants that are great for giving some shade to the weaker plants.

If you've never grown cassava before, I do recommend it. But there are some things you should know: they are very resilient (making them great survival food.. though if you plant these now, you probably wouldn't harvest till Nov), love full sun and don't even need watering. They are really not fussy - you can even just throw the cuttings on the ground & cover them with a bit of dirt or even grass clippings or mulch and chances are you will still have way too much! Given they are resilient, choose carefully the place you would like to put them as chances are it would be hard to get rid of them if you wanted to! A bit like sweet potato. The other thing is the roots (what you harvest to eat) do need to be prepared in a special way (boiling, rinsing) to get rid of the toxins etc (Google this). For what it's worth, it's a plant that keeps giving. I use the leaves for mulch, in addition to shade. Given it goes vertical (compared to sweet pot), I find it valuable as things can climb it. Tastes GREAT in a coconut and banana cake e.g. Filipino style. 

Send me a comment/message if you are interested and I can leave them at the gate (social distancing ;) )

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