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Hi all,

well after a crazy couple of weeks, I get to stay home   We were planning to be off to Tangalooma this week for a holiday but obviously those plans got scratched.   Gardening is great therapy though so I’m not complaining.   Still going a bit extra on all my garden plantings and turning every available space into food production.  Last weekend, I dug up two old unproductive blueberry bushes that were in my back Vegie patch.   I used to have pavers down the fence line but I removed those, dug it all up and created 3 beds that are about 2 foot wide and 4 foot long.  Into those, I’ve planted some old potato’s that were left over from my farm harvest last November that I had put in a box and completely forgot about until the crazy hit, and I went “oohhh better plant some potatoes” only to find shops had none.   I’ve also got some more onions (mix of glaladin brown, hunter river brown and Californian red), spring onions, harlequin carrots and some Easter egg radishes planted. 

The garden is starting to look really good and verging on productivity.  I have had really good fruit set on the trombonccino, but it’s not often I get one without fruit fly damage.  So when this little beauty escaped my notice for a couple of days and the base looked like it was bulbing up properly, I went “great - seeds!” So I’m letting it grow for a while to harvest some new seeds for my stash. 

Speaking of saving seeds, I’m determined to do more of it for the easy stuff to try and acclimatise some varieties to my little place in the world.  Last year, I saved the seeds from the healthiest and latest fruiting(into November heat) pea seeds.  Now just compare them to the other varieties, planted at same time but from packet.  They look healthier and much happier.  Also, all of the coriander at the front of this photo self seeded in the middle of February, so I’m letting them go to seed again and will be sprinkling in every garden bet and letting them come up where they will. 

We must just be in the sweet spot for beans.  Not too hot, that I get mite/ thrip damage like I did with all my mid summer plantings and not cold enough to slow their growth.  These are either last housewife or rattlesnake - can’t remember what I planted and didn’t label it 

Tomatoes are starting!!! So sick of buying tomatoes. 

And this very full garden bed is just so pretty to look at.  It’s under a net to keep bugs away and my basil thanks me :)

Ive also got some lovely looking capsicums.  These are also grown under nets to protect from fruit fly, I’ll remove the nets when we cool off some more. 

The annual strawberry repotting session has begun.  Usually, I just compost the mother plants and replant the baby runners but this year, given how quickly my potted seedlings have been going at work, I split them up and took six packs of 4 strawberry plants in.  I timed it, from the moment I sent the email to the time they went - 7 minutes.  Now some people had to leg it to get there in that time - I work at a school where all our staff rooms are spread over the campus.  I’m only 1/2 way through the pots so I promised I would have more after the holidays.  

I’m so pleased with how good the toms at the front steps look.  Can’t wait to see what they are.  I bought diggers salad mix so they could be either green zebra, tiger Ella, tommy toe, Juane flemme or Black Russian.   Behind them, I planted some garlic.  

I don’t know if you can tell from this photo, but I’m about to be harvesting papaya again - there is the slightest blush of colour.  I’ll give it another day or so before harvesting before the bats find it.   Yum!!

Well, that’s it from me guys.  Have fun in your gardens - you’lol hardly notice being cooped up.  

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Comment by Susan on April 12, 2020 at 18:21

Thanks Fiona.  I agree, you definitely need netting, even if it just for shade.  Hope your seeds come soon Christa.  I've bought a couple of packs from 4 seasons seeds and I'm finding they're pretty quick but still waiting on my diggers order from 3 weeks ago.   Thanks Andie and Sophie. 

Comment by Fiona Ryan on April 5, 2020 at 20:11

Wow! Talk about something to aspire to. So many tips in this one post and it’s motivated me once again to try and get a dwarf papaya. My best investment in the past few months has been a net for my raised bed.

Comment by Sophie on April 5, 2020 at 12:08


Comment by Christa on April 5, 2020 at 9:43

You have lots of expertise when planting seeds and seedlings Susan, we are proud of you.  My seedling have not arrived yet from Boondie seeds, but I am prepared with bins and sunny spots. 

You will be the envy of us all with those tomato plants. 

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on April 4, 2020 at 14:24

You never cease to inspire Susan.

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