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End of April and I'm so impatient

Hi guys,  

Well, the garden is on the verge of producing but still not there yet.  I was complaining to Sophie that I want to do the big harvests, where it takes me about an hour just to potter around and pick stuff.  The drought and then the planting setbacks where things failed means i've been without my fix for far too long. 

The first of perennial capsicums are starting to ripen with the long sweet ones not to far behind. 

The eggplants of course have not stopped.  I took 3 today to the garden visit, there are about 8 about this size or slightly smaller and heaps in various stages of development.  Lucky I found a recipe that I LOVE that uses eggplant. 

2 of these eggplants cubed and salted and drained -> add to 25g olive oil and 1 clove garlic in pan and saute for 3 minutes.

2 tspn tomato paste, worsteshire sauce to taste and saute 3 more minutes.

Pinch pepper, 200g cherry tomatoes, 1 tspn sugar, salt to taste and sprig of mint + basil finally chopped. 

Saute till eggplant cooked through. 

I had my first pea picked today - these are sugar bon.   the plant is a dwarf but is so tiny I don't know if I'll get enough to be able to pick a meal.

And the odd trombonccino is happening - 2nd one this week.

The perennial leeks in the front garden have recovered and putting out new growth

And don't get me wrong, the garden is STARTING to actually look productive. 

The problem is, I'm so impatient, that I keep planting new things.  So I bought purple king beans seeds (front right) and built a teepee.  BUT I already have Jade bush beans and some other bush bean planted -> when they start, I'll have WAY too many.   I decided I MUST have yellow zucchini's again (bunnings trip for seedlings which had yellow long zucchini AND round ones)+ planted some costa romanesque seeds while I was impatiently waiting for trombonccino's.  Again, once they start properly, WAY too many zucchini.  Today, I picked up some of Roger's itallian fryer capsicums.  I have a bedful of the the long skinny ones and perenials (you can just see them in the bed top right) and in the tomato bed, planted some seeds of a nice store bought capsicum -> TOO many! LOL oh well, that's assuming they start to produce.

My garlic have come up nicely but my strawberries (lowanna) from green harvest died - not their fault, they went out when we had all that rain and I think I drowned them. 

I also had something come and eat 2 of my chickens and severely injure another while we were away at the block over easter.  My next door neighbour thinks it might have been a fox as she reckons she's seen them before in the park at night behind our houses.  Well, we had taken our dog with us and I reckon that's what's done it.  The injured one is in a box in the house and she seems to be perking up but everytime I try to put her back in the pen, the other chooks attack her so she'll stay inside until she's well enough to fight back.  I also bought 2 new chickens.  A commercial black chook (brown eggs) and a Faverolle (cream to pink eggs) plus the 2 chooks that survived was one of the Araucana's (blue eggs) and the other commercial red (brown).  My injured one is my best araucana layer so that's why I'm so invested in her recovery.

Well that's it from me folks.  Happy gardening.   

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Comment by Susan on May 5, 2019 at 18:20

It is interesting Jeff and Dave.  I had heard they were making a comeback and when reading articles, I found that in Australia (more Melbourne way) they had a much higher stocking density per km2 in SUBURBIA than in agricultural area's.  :() Go figure - It's a scary thought and another reason why I love my dog. 

Comment by Dave Riley on April 30, 2019 at 2:30

Foxes are every where. An amazing creature -- sly and arrogant.

This feralscan has some interesting tracking info.

A recent eradication program on the Sunshine Coast   removed 110 foxes and inspected more than 150 fox dens for signs of activity and control. Foxes are a major threat to turtle hatcheries along the coast.

When foxes aren't taking chickens, imagine what else they're hunting.

Comment by Jeff Kiehne on April 29, 2019 at 15:59

Foxes in Brisbane suburbs including sighting on CCTV in South Bank

Comment by Sophie on April 29, 2019 at 11:24

:) :) :) 

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on April 28, 2019 at 23:53

Growing well as usual Susan.  Poor chooks!  What a bugger. 

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