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December 2017 harvest:

-10 large couve torchuda leaves + rest gone to butterflies

-650g red eggplant + and extra kilo gone to Qld Fruit Flies :( 

- 9 passionfruit (+ some for possums)

- spring onions

- Herbs (mint, rosemary, mother of herb, thyme)

- 5kg sweet potato (of which 1.7kg in peels)

Loving the summer rain but garden is massacred by Fruit fly and Cabbage White butterflies. I didn't listen. I thought I could get away with it. Alas, my best producers - the couve torchuda & red eggplants - are destroyed. Paul the possum continued to eat away but in smaller quantities (might be because no ripe ones left). The heat and humidity is unbearable but the evening storms are respite.

Red eggplant and couve torchuda

The tropical garden is going well. Still no pineapple fruit.. 

This section has gone wild - pumpkin (still around...), volunteer nasturtiums and blue trad

Cabbage White butterflies - pretty but now destructive! There would be some hundred in the yard at any given time. What do I do??

Some baby Tahitian limes on my Aldi lime tree :)

Banana border going well! with sunchokes and arrowroot

Paul the possum continues his visits... 

Eating all the ready passionfruit (grr)

We had some wild duck visitors! Happily picking in the wet ground

Trying to get a handle on the sweet potato. NEVER PUT SP IN THE GROUND DIRECTLY

Ended up harvesting 5kg of sweet potato. Most were the size of my finger - thin and long. They had too much space to roam so lots of lateral growth & green but not much tuber growth. Definitely going back to tub towers. 

For new years, I made a delicious SP mash with homegrown spring onion and garlic chives and cream, big success.

Baking has also continued - to think my first sourdough proper success was in March 2017. This one is light rye and walnut.

This one is 100% spelt

On the right is 100% spelt and on the left is 50% spelt. That amber glow!

Making some delicious raspberry & strawberry marmalade - my favourite!

My jam had success and I was commissioned by some German guests to make some more. My first sale :)

More baking - playing with rolls. I think they need to be fluffier - not just same recipe as loaf

Raisins and walnut light rye

And let me leave you will a final pic from the patisserie petits fours I made for New years :) 
Lemon, Mascarpone & raspberry "deconstructed" cheese cake

Brown sugar meringues & chestnut cream

Strawberry mousse

Almond sponge and chestnut cream layer cake with choc ganache... mmmmmm :)!
See you next year!

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