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Conscious calendar-ruled seasonal plantings isn't my usual norm. But the June crazies are upon me like a chilling wind.

After some keen renovation work and extensive planting of Vetiver hedgerows I've planted more veges (& herbs)  than I've ever done before.

Both seeds and seedlings.

Conscious calendar-ruled seasonal plantings isn't my usual norm. But the June crazies are upon me like a chilling wind.

This discussion -- Direct Sowing of Seeds (Part the First)  --was the clincher. I gotta think and plan out loud.

En route I have reshaped the Kitchen Garden:

What is called the orchard  is really an excuse to explore Syntropic Principles. But it does boast a few (not yet) fruiting trees: citrus, Nashi, pawpaw, fig, Custard Apple, Feijoa. Mulberry.

As well as deploying even more Vetiver, I've also laid down logs and branches among the vegetable beds. So I guess that is another clincher: Syntropy kinda got me hooked...

The 'orchard' is also a chook run as I let the two beasts out to roam that area (now chicken wired off) for a few hours each day.

In effect, I'm trying to add even more Vetiver hedges so that each bed is halved. For now I'm using logs and cut banana stems to do that. I've also run out of logs after I got keenly into tree trimming. But then I've run out of Vetiver slips too--except for some orders celled up and ready to flush green.

So with so much in the ground I'm sort of waiting. As you know a watched garden does not rush to a harvest date.

If the harvest is delivered I'm going to have to go back to selling 'farm gate style' produce  as abundance is not my usual preference. Good thing is that I'm growing for me and not the market.

The irony is that I don't know how these changes are going to register as I'm dabbling in some concepts that appeal to me...and I boldly go where few have gone before.

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