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Carbon Sequestration - an innovative solution

Just heard from Colin Austin of Kookaburra Park Gin Gin. Colin developed Wicking Beds.

This is the text of his email:

"I have recently returned from China and am now trying to raise $500,000 from the Australian government so developing countries can sequester carbon by adopting wicking beds.

"Our new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has made it clear she wants to sample public opinion on climate change before she takes any action.

"My request is that you contact the Minister of Climate Change Penny Wong supporting my application by letting her know of your support for the project and telling her of your experiences with your wicking beds. For identification please refer to my application and report.

"If you have any comments on the report please let me know."

A great deal of background and practical information on Wicking Beds and Colin's approach to solving climate change can be found on his website. The current issue of developing Wicking Beds and further information as noted above are on the front page of his website:

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