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Well, we're back and I'm keen to get back into the garden. It's so hot in the middle of the day so looks like it will be sunset gardening and morning if I get up before it gets too hot. Most of the garden has suffered from lack of water while we were away including the corn - attempt number three. Still hopeful that there might be one or two salvageable cobs on them. Dug up my first potatoes today. Four fairly decent sized of the cranberry red from one seed potato. Not a huge crop but happy as this is my first time growing. Still have five more lots of potatoes to dig up which aren't quite ready yet as they were planted later.

The beans which I thought I'd miss out on while we were away are only just starting to flower and have shot up and over the chicken wire trellis so very happy.

The cabbages and brocolli are looking rather munched and under a bit of heat stress. Thinking of resorting to some spray for the caterpillars (cabbage moth - little green ones) although I don't like to use sprays.

Overall, the peanuts and beans seem to be doing well. Looking at planting some rosellas soon if it's not too late.

Should be getting chickens fairly soon also - can't wait!

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Comment by Donna on November 22, 2009 at 9:19
Welcome back Vanessa, hope to see you at the December meeting with some photos! It is back where we started from at Roma St Parklands.

For caterpillars, you could try a chilli/ garlic spray... I am thinking of getting a bug zapper to leave on at night as it is mainly the moths that are causing problems in my garden.

My rosella's are still small, so should be okay still for them.

I am still waiting for my chickens - maybe for Christmas lol!
Comment by Florence on November 21, 2009 at 22:34
Welcome back Vanessa!!

We had some really hot days in the past couple weeks, but we also had a couple of big rain which filled up our tank, so I was happy about that :)

If you are going to use sprays for caterpillars, I read Dipel's supposed to be a good one as it's a bacteria (B.T.?) which only attacks stomach of caterpillars and does not affect other insects like bees...

Have you find a chicken supplier yet?
Comment by Elaine de Saxe on November 21, 2009 at 19:48
Well, Vanessa, it's getting a bit hot for cabbage family. If you can make the spot a bit cooler with shadecloth they might hang on for a bit longer. One solution to damage by the Cabbage White Butterfly - apart from just growing in the cooler months - is to barricade the plants behind shadecloth or insect screening. If it's determined-butterfly-proof you won't get any munched leaves. And the accent is on *determined*!

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