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Other then the potato bed, another veggie bed was ready to plant and has been filled with soil + horse manure + coffee ground since my last blog. This is the legume bed, although It’s only 80% filled, but can’t wait to start planting into it. So I’ve sown snowpeas, garden peas, sugarsnaps & pigeon peas in it, except for pigeon peas and garden peas (I think) all have germinated, and the tallest seedling is about 20 cm high!

snowpeas - taken a fews days ago, they are bigger now

The chooks were moved from the South Eastern corner to the South Western corner where there’s more shade, just in time before the couple of very hot days just past.

One out of four water chestnuts planted on people’s day germinated, and two types of tomatoes sown on the same day have also germinated (Digger’s Grosse Lisse, Growers pride sweet 100 F1)

These were sown into egg cartons on a cat litter tray, it’s my first time using egg cartons. Sown some other seeds into toilet rolls in a tin box last night, I think these ones would take longer to germinate except for the watermelon ~

I normally would direct sow watermelon with pumpkins, & Zucs etc (thanks for the seeds Anthony), but my Cucurbitaceae/root crop bed's not ready and Bob said if we want watermelon by Christmas, we have to plant in August. Fingers crossed that I'll be the watermelon supplier to Christmas parties :)

I’ve tried raising seedlings in Styrofoam cups, newspapers rolled into cups, and toilet paper rolls before. I found the newspaper cups too flimsy and more work as you need to cut the paper, roll them and press the end bit to make the cup. The toilet paper rolls are more sturdy, and there's always an abundant supply! I also half bury them where I want to put in direct sown seeds so I know where the seeds are and where to water ~~

The patios’ are scheduled to finish by Friday, and mushroom composts are also scheduled for delivery on the same day ~~~ Still a lot of work to do before spring, but it feels like summer is already here!!!

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Comment by Scarlett on August 27, 2009 at 21:10
yoiks- I don't have anywhere to put watermelon at the moment!
Comment by Florence on August 27, 2009 at 10:27
Yeah, it's the first time I use egg cartons too, guess I will find out in a couple of months time (maybe)... a few of the tomato germination (not quite seedlings yet)seem to have collapsed after I brought them outside because they are a bit leggie being inside, and my parents don't like having my seedling trays indoor... In case you thought I have sown so much seeds, the photos of the newspaper pots & Styrofoam cups were from last year ^^

I put the toilet roll into place inside the tin box before I fill them up with seedling mix (sifted potting mix and sand), the mix pretty much stay in the toilet roll. I won't take them out until the seedlings are ready to plant out, so I am guessing the roots will be holding the soil mix by then... but you can give the bottom of the toilet roll a few cuts and fold them in to create a sort of closed bottom. But I can't be bothered with it...
Comment by Donna on August 27, 2009 at 7:34
Wow, you have been busy! Love the toilet roll idea, will have to give it a try, and will be interested to know if the egg cartons break down in time as I have read this idea everywhere but never tried it myself (yet).


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