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Hi all, 

Well, winter is done.  It has been far to warm lately to be classed as winter - I wore shorts today for goodness state.  I had a nice little play  in the garden planting out my brassica's, sunflower seeds and 16 chamomile plants that I got ages ago in 1 punnet - separated them out, potted them up and babied them for a while and now they are in the ground. I also potted up my celery and will do some new seeds of various things tonight.  Another job on my to-do-list is to remove my tigerella plants from the front steps.  Isn't it strange how life works some times?  My problem is I always let plants go far longer than I should because I think "I'll just let it ripen that fruit" and then it sets more and then I leave it far too long.  A person at work who knows I garden asked me if I could supply her with some green tomatoes so she could make her mothers relish (she tried to buy from shops but minimum order was 10kg!!).  I had been thinking about taking these out but kept delaying.  Perfect timing! She got 1.5kg of green tomatoes and I could stop procrastinating :)   Here it is stripped of most of the green tomatoes and ready for me to rip out.  It does continue up to the roof of the house so your only seeing the bottom 3rd. 

Next is my lebanese Zucchini that I bought while my trombonccino seeds slowly get started.  They are quite a nice little zucchini and I've had no drama's with them yet but I do spray them with the eco fungicide every 2-3 weeks.

Next is my broccoli.  This is huge!!  I leave my plants in the ground and harvest the side shoots.

Strawberries are still going from strength to strength.  The clusters of fruit are amazing!

My chooks are doing a great job.  I opened my egg box at lunch today and looked so perfect, I just had to take a photo.  4-5 eggs a day is what I'm getting.    (the orangy one right at the front is a fake )

I have been hanging out to harvest a comb from my bees since I got them back in March.   The hive is going so strong, I've added 8 new bars since I got them.  We have so many australian natives behind us that bloom in winter that they don't lack for pollen or nectar in winter. 

And Loquats are so yummy!!! I've found I can't be impatient and have to wait for them to go from a lemon yellow to almost an orange colour and then they are so juicy and delisciously sweet. 

Lastly, today's weekend garden harvest.  I love this time of year - my garden is just so beautiful and productive.   Our family have found a new love in Bok Choi - steamed with a sweet oyster/garlic/ginger sauce.   Lucky I've succession planted 40 plants and will plant heaps more. 

Lastly, I'll leave you with this very pretty view of my back garden.  I've taken lavender cuttings which YAY; seem to have struck; and every available space I have left, I'm going to fill with lavender. 

Well that's it from me guys.  Happy gardening. 

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Comment by Valerie on August 12, 2020 at 21:08

Your garden looks fab. Pretty self sufficient with you at the helm. That lavender tip is inspiring me to try. My courgettes and aubergines are all failing but nice big heritage tomatoes on the way. 

Comment by Susan on August 10, 2020 at 18:46

That’s so frustrating Andy.  I’m lucky that I don’t seem to have a possum problem. Thanks Christa and Sophie.  Yeah, I’ve tried taking lavender and rosemary cutting at various times before but it always failed.  The rosemary success earlier in the year gave me the confidence to try lavender.  I put it in a mix of coco peat and potting mix in a self watering pot and put a 1/2 milk carton over the top with lid off for ventilation and it worked!!! All 4 cuttings struck so I might try a few more. 

Comment by Christa on August 10, 2020 at 17:31

Well done with the lavender Susan, that saves some money.  You must have started them at the right time.  You lucky duck, you have loquats, we both bought a tree at Daleys, I bought a Bessells Brown and you bought a ??? Mine have flowered but no fruit as yet.

Veggie gardens always look better with flowers mixed in with them.  

Comment by Sophie on August 10, 2020 at 9:54

wooooow gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on August 9, 2020 at 16:15

Your patch is a lot more productive than mine.  Roz lost her strawberries to possums. The ate the whole damn plants.  

Comment by Susan on August 8, 2020 at 19:53

I know right Doug!  But I have tried the wild types and while they are okay, they are nothing to rave about.  It wasn't until we went for a garden tour down to Daley's and they let us try all the fruit we wanted, that I really appreciated them.  The named varieties are infinitely better than the wild types and if more people tasted them, I swear they'd be way more popular.  But they also have to be fully ripe to be amazing.  Even though I had some last year that I remembered being amazing, the first few I picked this year, I was like "Meh¯\_(ツ)_/¯ could take it or leave it".  Then I left them alone and picked the orangy ones today and REMEMBERED why I love them. 

Comment by Doug Hanning on August 8, 2020 at 19:46

Looks good Susan, Ive eaten some loquats this week as well. When ripe they are like the best apricot/pineapple cross, really underated.

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