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A rainy October… and warming November

With the rainy weather in October, there wasn't much gardening done... sown quite a bit this month though.. hope it's not too late..

A lot of peaches have fallen in the rain, so I had to picked them all up. I wanted to bag some of the fruits, but noticed many are starting to rot on the tree, and some of them have clear jelly like substance oozing out from the fruits. I’ve picked a lot off, ending up with half a wheelbarrow of wasted fruits… I’ve bagged a few very young fruits anyway, but I noticed they still fell and rot. So I suspect the main culprit is not just the fruit flies, but peach twig borer as well… peach is just so hard…. In hindsight I should have picked them all while I could..

The tomatoes been pull up, and as usual, have found root knot nematodes … so have pull up some marigold around the garden and chop them into the bed.. half of the bed is now growing purple king, dragon's tongue, & blue lake beans, and the other half are corn and will be sowing peanuts as well,

That’s pretty much all the work I’ve done other than harvesting in October.

I’ve been harvesting mostly broccoli and sugarloaf cabbages, a few carrots, parsnip, and radish, and of course eggplants…

Also, one thing I’ve learnt with garlic and tulip bulb is, if you are planning to lift them after they die down.. make sure you poke a marker next to it or you won’t be able to found them…. I hope they’ll shoot back up next year..

I've cleaned up the root bed with carrots and parsnip earlier in November... there seems to be much more greens than the roots...

I was expecting a bit more than that .... anyways, I've sown rosella on half of this bed, and Chinese greens on the other half.

My other corn bed looks like it's about to produce ~~

But there's still no signs of any purple sprouting broccoli ^^"

Noticed the limpy rainbow chard under the broccoli? They don't like hot weather at all! While the standard white stem silverbeet in other beds are still standing upright ....

In the contrary, I am surprised by these ornamental kale... I thought kale likes cold weather, but this is what it looked like today... and it was hot out there..

Lastly, all but one of my Mulberry cuttings strike, and I only needed two. Please let me know if anyone's interested and I will bring them to the December meeting :)

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Comment by Susan on November 22, 2010 at 12:41
I planted summer green broccoli back in september and I have heads starting now.
Comment by Florence on November 18, 2010 at 11:47
The label I had said "Sungold" it's a yellow flesh variety. I can't find any information about this variety online though. Elaine mentioned it might have been an old variety. There are many you can choose from nowadays, I've put this pair on my birthday wishlist this year but they sold out... a pigeon pair sale of sunset peach and sunset nectarine for I forgot how much.. $50?... Won't be available again until next year I think...
Very nice pale pink double flowers
Comment by Joanne Chung on November 17, 2010 at 18:30
What variety of peaches do you have? I am planning on putting some down this autumn... I really want to get some of the white flesh one... Necterin as well..
Comment by christopher zane hart on November 17, 2010 at 14:44
much to late in the season for any of the brassicas in s/e qld .
Comment by Florence on November 16, 2010 at 20:00
Oh no!!! Have any one else grown the purple sprouting broccoli? I was hoping that it's just late as Edenseeds says it can take up to 220 days...
Comment by Jane on November 16, 2010 at 17:59
Florence not sure you will get Purple sprouting shoots, its a bit late in the season, I've tried them here in Cent Qld & even in mid winter they dont produce anything just grow great big plants.
Comment by Tracy Arnold on November 16, 2010 at 16:41
Wonderful array of root veggies Florence! And your kale looks fantastic.
Comment by Florence on November 16, 2010 at 15:16
Yeah, I think it may be too much nitrogen... I don't have enough soil in the beds, so I pile on mushroom compost, horse manure or whatever organic matter I could find.. so maybe too rich? That's probably the problem I have with radish too... but I thought nematodes dislike soil high in organic matter? ^^

With the fruit fly problem, I see the jelly stuff even when the fruits were still green, hard, and small! Now my guava's are coming on, when am I suppose to bag them? As soon as the flowers fell off? The fruit flies are even stinging my chokos! Would my lime be safe from them?
Comment by Vanessa Collier on November 16, 2010 at 14:42
Looking good Florence, nice harvest. I'm still waiting to pull up my parsnip - they seem to be quite small still. I've just put more carrots in so hoping it's not too hot. My chooks don't mind carrot leaves, but they don't go nuts over them.

Fruit fly seems to be a big problem. My sister has heaps. I think the jelly stuff is what leaks out when they've been stung by fruit fly so mabye look it up and pick off any fruit that's been affected. Gardening Australia had a good segment on fruitfly recently.
Comment by Donna on November 16, 2010 at 11:07
Looks great as usual Florence. Think your soil & mine must be related, we always seem to get nematodes!

Shame about your peaches, must have been heart breaking! The root veggies look like there was too much nitrogen/ fertiliser in the bed - a few of them are forked and with the excess of leaves it is a pretty good indication - my chooks love the leaves of the carrots.

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