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The great joy of annuals and the like is that nothing lasts as it was. Gardening with non perennial plants  is full of options,quickly realised.

Since taking up with Vetiver grass (we are indeed married)-- we've not only had many offspring together but I've experimented with uses.

The big deal is that I'm embarking on a garden retrofit structured by Vetiver hedges.

I guess the main impetus for this is that after installing a spear pump my irrigation protocols have changed and I need a differently designed garden to make more efficient use of a more reliable water supply.

My soil is as it was -- I'm just gonna lay it out differently and allow the contours to flatten. Indeed I'm going to create 'allotments'  parallel to one another.

One rationale for this is that over the Summer with the heat and more frequent water the garden has turned into a jungle and I  lost my mentoring role. I also lost focus as I became overwhelmed by the verdant growth. As for finding stuff -- it was like looking for Doctor Livingstone or Lasserter's Reef.

So in 2018 I'm back and I'm set to resume control.

How I design the overall is a work in progress but Summer, with Vetiver as your tool, is the time to start planting.

But I have a mind's eye and inspiration:I bravely go where no garden has gone before.

The ruling dynamics are

  1. Mulch. Mulch. Mulch (home grown)
  2. Biotic Pump : localizing transpiration benefits.

For better or worse, the youngsters at the school garden are to be part of the new approach.

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