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2019 winter garden - supposedly :)

Hi Folks, 

I have been busy pottering around in my garden and am starting to finally see some harvests and a decrease in my weekly veggie shop.  Today at the markets, my bill came to $25 - this is down from between $40 to 50 weekly when nothing is coming out (brief period at end of summer when that horrible dry spell was upon us).  It was funny, I was listening to a podcast today ABC Adelaides gardening talkback and the topic was "Is it profitable to grow your own fruit and veggies."  When I'm in good production, I'm saving between $20 -$25 a week - more at certain times of the year esp mid winter when this bill can drop to as low as $10 (potatoes, carrots, onions).  This saving is possibly more as I've been growing my own herbs and lemons for so long and never buy them so I've not accounted for their use.  For example, today I used a huge bunch of coriander, chilli and ginger -> I guess to buy this, I would be looking at $4??  I'm also inspired to cook more using my produce and find new ways to use (see eggplant hash recipe).  Once I'm not having to buy Pink Lady apples for the kids every week (about $8 of my weekly shop) or other fruit that they like to eat, I imagine that I can make that $10 a week go a long way.  So what about imput costs?  I imagine that over the last 10 yrs that I've been seriously developing my garden, I've put a lot of money in to it.  But now?  I estimate my average cost on maintaining the vegie patch to be maybe $5 per week?  This is not how much I spend on my hobby mind you (see last week when 2 avo's came up at $29 each -> just had to get) but I think the actual vegie costs now is quite low.  

Here is part of today's harvest.  I added to this later with 2 more trombonccinos, another handful of tomato's and bringing in mandarins because my kids can't walk to the trees in the morning to pick one for lunch and the only way they get eaten is if I pick them and put them in the fridge for them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Speaking of tomatoes, I've decided I won't be using the stringing up method again.  The string broke on my Roma tomatoes and they fell over.  These pink ones are looking lovely though. 

Cucumbers are going strong.  This was the vine that I was about to rip out a couple of months ago because it was really struggling but now look at it. 

I've got plenty of bean plants at the moment but the purple king are the first to produce. BTW I found PINK BEANS!! Tonya's pink podded beans, I'll let you know how they go. 

Check out my little turnips.  Never grown it before and won't be long before my first harvest. 

These are growing in my lush little side ground garden that I built recently.

For mothers day, I requested this beautiful garden arch from my husband and kids.  It just makes me happy looking at it. 

After my chicken/fox disaster, I bought two new chickens.  I only have the little black one producing at the moment but she is currently producing 1 per day - still buying eggs but hopefully soon won't have to.

Lastly, I have these gorgeous tomatoes that someone at one of the garden visits gave me.  They are so pretty and fluted.  Can't wait to try them.

Well that's it from me guys.  Happy gardening.

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Comment by Susan on June 23, 2019 at 20:46

Hey Dianne, nah I don’t sell anything. A) we mostly eat everything b) anything that gets out of hand is given away at work and to my next door neighbor  and c) I’d feel too much pressure for it to be “perfect”.  

If if you lived closer, you’d definitely be a recipient of the bounty :)

Comment by Dianne Caswell on June 19, 2019 at 9:09

Good Morning Susan, Your produce is looking beautiful, you really have become quite the vegetable gardener and your photography is fabulous, great clarity, really impressed. Are you selling your produce yet, if so you have a customer?

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on June 16, 2019 at 20:48

This has also been my best winter to date for produce.  

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