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2019 nearly winter and still doesn't feel like it

Hi everyone, 

I had a wonderful day today out at the farm.  We drove up last night after work (have learnt from experience that there is no point leaving before 6.30 pm) and made it to our block at 8:50pm  Just in time for Fran and I to plonk ourselves down with a glass of wine and our phones to read and unwind after a busy week.  We then had a lovely breaky down at the little servo that really is a jack-of all-trades stop and then spent 3 hrs working on the farm.  We were then back in the car and on our way back to brissy by 12:30 today.   Why such a short trip?  Well we've worked out that if we plan to go for the whole weekend, we put it off because after a full week's work and kids at home,  there is just too much to do at home.  This trip was really to check out how the driveway is progressing and I can tell you YAY - it's going well.  It's getting close to the time when I can start planting up there for real cause I won't have to worry about the slasher guy running over my garden beds and trees.  

Anyway, there is plenty happening at home.  We have some semi decent harvests happening again. 

I have been turning my eggplants into eggplant hash which is lovely with feta cheese on toast.  Unfortunately, my eggplant is just about done.  It has been in that spot for nearly 2 years now so I bought a new plant to establish but it will probably be a while before I'm harvesting eggplant again.

We are also nearly getting tomatoes again.  The string method has worked well but I'm not sure if I will keep doing it.  I feel like I would have far more tomatoes if I didn't prune but that could be just the slow start talking.  It is certainly much neater and I am making use of the space underneath with plantings of bok choi and coriander and I even have a cucumber in that bed. 

Another beautiful hand of tomatoes in that same bed.  This is san marzano Roma's from diggers.

Some glorious bok choi and my bullhorn type capsicum that I planted from saved seed from a store bought capsicum - delish. 

I posted a photo about the fourth banana spike in a month to send out a flower and it has the largest number of banana's on it out of all of them.  I think cause it developed just that little bit latter so maybe had the benefit of extra water.  Not that my other hands are shabby but this one has at last count 8 hands and on avg 14 banana's in each hand. 

I started a garden bed down the left hand side of my garden where the beehive used to be.  It is in ground and I've got shallots, beetroot, carrots, turnips, beans, perennial leeks and some zucchini's planted (pretty ones for colour).  Since everything  came up no drama's it goes to show what a pain those slaters/cockies are in my wicking beds. 

Well that's it from me folks - happy gardening :)

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on May 25, 2019 at 22:59

Stirling job Susan.  Interesting observation about the weekend get away.  I also put it off because I can go for one night but not two.  I think I'll give more thought to some 2-3 hour getaways. 

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