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Hi guys, 

Well busy, busy days.  Starting to slowly transition the garden to more summer crops.  But when you are harvesting this (200g beans, 200g snow peas, 2kg tomatoes, 1.5 kg broccoli, 200 g strawberries, 250 g Zucchini,  handful of baby carrots  cause I always over plant, Pak choi, lettuce and silverbeet whenever I want it) it's hard to pull anything else out to make room as everything is still so productive. 

So I'm still on the fence about my paper pot maker.  Issue 1: dries out really quickly which means I need to water them every day.  I never had to do this in my self watering pots but then the roots would tangle so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I've planted my first few seedlings like this and it was EASY so I'll reserve judgement for a while.  My latest batch, I made with double the amount of paper so the pots are a little thicker and I stacked them super tight against each other so we'll wait and see.   Issue 2: my germination rate was quite spotty.  But, my first few were made with cheap potting mix or manure mixed with coconut coir and not my usual searles/coir mix that I used to use with the self watering pots -> that could be the issue.  OR I didn't notice the drying out much originally so maybe they dried out too much and killed the baby seedling?  I will continue to experiment and report back.  For Andy, I attached the link to the diggers site where I bought my paper pot holder. paper pot holder

So my beautiful flowers are for more than just making me happy.  The goal was to get more butterflies, bees and dragon flies in the garden.  I have 3 massive bushes of lavenders which I am so proud of and marigolds, calendulas, federation daisies and I'm just about to have sunflowers again.  It's working! Look!

I went round the other day and fertilised my garden with the chicken coop scrapings -> SO MANY WORMS!  The asparagus has certainly responded well.   3 new spears. 

Lastly, I'll just show off my garden bed with my new beans, snow peas and perennial leeks

Oh well, that's it from me guys.  I must say Andy, the site is so much easier to upload photo's and blog on now -> did you change something?

Happy gardening. 

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on August 25, 2019 at 21:46

I did well with the Asian greens the Ruth way.  I've done Madagascars the same way, and pumpkins. Hell, I've even done cumquats like this.  I just need to relax and trust the method.

Comment by Dave Riley on August 25, 2019 at 21:23

Yeah. I gave up on the paper mould too.

More recently, I experimented with toilet roll holders (divided in half across the diameter) with squished paper towel at the bottom.Nothing has come up. Even when I put more mix between the rolls for insulation and moisture.

Bad seeds? Too cold?

I've been more successful sowing into the holders filled with seed raising mix  then embedding them in the garden from the getgo.

I mark the spot with a sate stick topped by a bright orange sticky dot so the planting is  flagged. That way I can  give any seedling that grows more attention.


Comment by Andrew Cumberland on August 25, 2019 at 19:28

Thanks Susan.  Not really, they did a backup of the database which always speeds things up. 

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