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STOCK: water + chopped anchovies (Mediterranean style in oil or salt) + seaweed (esp:kelp buds) + slurp of fish sauce (Squid brand of course)
OCCUPANTS: sliced squash/gourd + garden greens + whatever (including leftovers)
FOR NOODLES: a really big handful of mung bean sprouts
CHOICES: add chili... with kimchi on the side.

That I can replicate this flavour day in day out and quickly assemble the soup is a culinary thrill...while being able to improvise the vegetative contents according to backyard harvest.

'Soup du jour' everyday.

How good is that?

I've invented my own eclectic customized version of Phở .
As for the anchovy nutrition: Anchovies are a notably rich source of omega 3 a whole lot more.

I think I have lunch sorted.

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Comment by Dave Riley on February 4, 2019 at 12:20

I should add that in the Phở tradition the soup is served also with herbs 'on-the-side' such as coriander, mint and basil which you tear up and throw on top of the soup at table.

So this combo is stackable big time -- layer upon  layer of vegetative stuff and flavours.

Other additions, of course, are spring onions or chives -- or in the case of some Phởs I've had, thinly sliced red onion rings also 'on-the-side' or served floating on top..

To the soup as it cooks you can also, obviously, add ginger and garlic.Another addition in a bruised stalk of lemon grass.

With Phở prep you usually grill the onion before adding it to the stock. But that would only add to prep time.

[You can also add Star Anise and a Cinnamon stick as per much Vietnamese practice. As well, serve it with a squeeze of lime.]

In Korean menus, such a soup could by topped with shaved cabbage -- like red cabbage. Looks gorgeous. Just grate it with a cheese slicer.

You can also poach and egg in the soup or divide a hard boiled egg and throw that in.

With kelp buds -- I just use them whole, but other sea weeds may need to be cut up with a pair of scissors before adding to the soup.

If you are on a salt restriction diet, besides rinsing the anchovies, you can adjust the other portions to bring down the sodium level. Just remember that any seaweed is NaCl rich all the other goodies found in sea vegetables.

Aside from the anchovies what zings! this soup is the large quantity of mung bean sprouts.When you farm them yourself(see image) , they are crisper than store bought. A soup like this full of sprouts is very filling such that noodles are only an  optional  extra and are only required in small quantities. Despite the simmering in the broth the sprouts are still crunchy when they reach the mouth.

Finally, it bears mentioning that anchovies are one of the very few sustainable fish stocks in the world. If you want your good omega+ intake here's a way to up it in the domestic menu. Bonito/Tuna certainly isn't a sustainable choice. For the vegoes, I suggest you hunt down a good miso.

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