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Calabacitas con elote: Tatuma squash and corn (with extras)

This is a classic Mexican dish. I made it because I grew the traditional ingredient Calabacita (Tatuma) Squash.
You can use zucchini instead but get a load of all that flesh on the Calabacita!
The dish can also include meat -- usually pork -- or chicken -- but I used lamb mince instead.
For recipes search for "Calabacitas recipe' or 'Calabacitas con elote recipe' or 'Calabacita con Puerco recipe'.
Absolutely delicious. Throw some chopped coriander on top and Voila!

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Comment by peter tyley on September 13, 2017 at 17:20

Man i,ve got to try that.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 6, 2017 at 9:10

Looks good mate!

Comment by Dave Riley on September 3, 2017 at 17:31

Just on Tatuma squash here's what the Texas Gardener has to say: LINK-- well worth the read in full.

My favorite variety of squash is a round, green squash from Mexico called ‘tatume.’ ‘Tatume’ is a hardy, open-pollinated variety that does very well in our hot Texas climate. Unlike the bushing habit of zucchini or yellow crookneck, ‘tatume’ produces very long vines like a gourd. The long vines are prolific bloomers and produce a large amount of flowers that are beautiful to look at and almost as good to eat as the squash itself. It is a big producer and its fruit is more firm and flavorful than yellow squash or zucchini. Plus, as a huge added bonus, ‘tatume’ is almost immune to the squash vine borer! In my opinion, all of these traits combine to make ‘tatume’ the perfect summer squash for the Texas garden.

Comment by Dave Riley on September 3, 2017 at 10:02

As you see the recipe calls for onion, corn, squash and sweet peppers. I added some celery 'cause I love the stuff -- and some of my pepper ferment. You also add ground cumin.

I fried up the lamb mince (I chose to use) then added the sofrito ingredients(onion, celery, sweet pepper, garlic) and churned them to sweat for awhile. Then in went the fresh diced tomatoes before pressure cooking the medley (pc is not essential but is my way) for 20 minutes.

To this cooked sauce I added the corn kernels and the squash and stewed for another 30 minutes.

Served with rice. Chili to taste.

It had that very Mexican flavour with the tomtoes subdued (as you only use a few).

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